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Statistically Speaking by Jo Barrett

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    Statistically speaking, Walter Hampton, newly appointed professor of statistics at Brantley College, doesn't have a chance with Jeannie Simpson. She is far too pretty, far too popular, and completely off limits, since she is one of his students, but Jeannie has never been one for the law of averages. The problem is... how can she convince her professor that statistics plus love equals one very happy ending?

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    She reached for his glasses, speckled with enough water that seeing had to be difficult, and gently slipped them from his face, intending to wipe them dry, and got her first look at his eyes. The sigh was uncontrollable. They were just as she imagined, as she’d hoped, and she couldn’t stop staring.

    “Is something wrong?” His voice, soft and low, drew her closer.

    “No, not a thing,” she said, and leaned over and kissed him, a simple brushing of the lips and with her eyes wide open. His were too, she realized as she pulled back a few inches.

    Walter let his gaze travel over her features, taking note of the curve of her cheek, the arch of her brows, the freckle here and there dotting her skin. Lovely didn’t describe her.

    “Should I apologize?” she whispered.

    “No, because if you do, then I’ll have to apologize for what I’m about to do.”


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Statistically Speaking

Statistically Speaking

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