Living Proof by JL Wilson

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    Dru Delaney, one of the planetary Leaders of Delmorna, doesn't quite trust Jak Exo, her co-Leader. Exo is too handsome, too kind, and too intelligent for the strong-willed Dru. When he announces he's leaving to explore the uncharted Northern continent, Dru decides to go with him to keep a closer eye on the man. But what they find on that continent is more than just a lost civilization: they find passion, duplicity, and a secret that will shake the government and their society. Now Dru has to escape with her life--and her heart--intact...

    (Pages 265) Spicy


    "Are you going to Northern with Jak?" he asked, his voice casually curious.

    Dru shrugged. "Maybe."

    "No you won't."

    Dru turned slowly to look at Jak. "What do you mean? Why won't I?"

    "You're too thin." Exo regarded her from across the room, his handsome face set and harsh. "I won't take you."

    "What do you mean, too thin?"

    "I need somebody with some stamina, some strength. Look at you--there's no fat on you. We could end up without food for a few daes. I need somebody with some flesh. You'd pass out on me." He opened the door.

    "I can gain weight," Dru said, crossing her arms and tapping one foot.

    "You have to gain the right kind of weight. Look at your diet." Exo shook his head. "It's not healthy at all. No, you won't be coming with me, Dru."

    "When are you leaving?"

    Isbel and Bron watched this byplay, their heads snapping from right to left as the combatants hurled comments at each other.

    "In twenty or thirty daes." Jak looked back at Isbel. "We'll leave as soon as we gather the right equipment and when the weather is favorable."

    Isbel nodded slightly, knowing what he didn't say: she had twenty daes with Cyrus, if she was lucky. She touched her stomach, which rumbled in response.

    "Ample time," Dru snapped. She strode across the room and paused next to Jak. "I'll be ready." She grabbed the door from him and slammed it on her way out.

    Jak smiled. "I'm sure you will be."


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Living Proof

Living Proof

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