Human with a Twist by Louise Delamore

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  • Betrayal and a broken heart have made Zaralyn determined to avoid romance at all costs. A chance rescue outside a nightclub by the mysterious Gideon Nite challenges her resolution and her heart.

    Gideon is attracted to Zaralyn from the moment he sees her, but how can he prove he’s worth trusting when he has so much to hide? What starts out as simple attraction spirals out of control when it becomes clear their lives are in danger. Because nothing is simple – even Gideon isn’t what he seems. He is a human with a twist – one of those who for centuries have been misunderstood and labeled ‘Vampyre’.

    How can she love a man who isn't a man at all, especially when a killer is marking them for death?

    (Pages 280) Sensual


    “Anything I can do to help?” Gideon asked.

    “You could open a bottle of wine. I forgot earlier.” She pointed the spoon she was holding at the small rack in the lounge. “Grab whatever takes your fancy. I hope the large selection isn’t too overwhelming.”

    Gideon chuckled when he saw three lonesome bottles lying on the rack. Reaching down, he picked one of the reds. The corkscrew hung on a small hook on the side of the rack. He opened the bottle and set it on the table.

    “Wine glasses?”

    “Darn, I forgot them too.” Zara opened the cupboard and stood on tiptoe.

    As she reached up to grab two glasses from the top shelf, she felt his heat against the length of her back. Stepping up behind her, he slid an arm around her waist, holding her steady.

    “Oh.” She dropped her hands in surprise, her stomach muscles clenching at the contact.

    With her arms out of the way he leaned over her shoulder, easily reaching the glasses. Her breath caught in her throat as his arm brushed the side of her breast. Good thing her long sleeves covered her arms or her goose bumps would be as obvious as her erratic breathing. He loosened his grip slightly and her heels dropped to the ground, but he didn’t release her. Bending his head, he trailed kisses down the side of her neck to the top of her shoulder.

    “Mmm, you smell even better than dinner.”


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Human with a Twist

Human with a Twist

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