Summer Iris by M. Kate Quinn

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    The last thing Iris Stanton feels like doing is celebrating her fiftieth birthday. She’s divorced, has been downsized out of a job, and her post-marriage condo is for sale and she can’t afford to buy it. And when her crazy, out-there best friend, Yvonne, offers her the use of a beach cottage for the summer, Iris thinks the idea is preposterous. That is, until she comes up with what could be a solution to her pending homelessness. Selling off her small piece of waterfront property would save the very roof over her head, so she heads to the shore with a mission.

    The cottage is in the midst of renovations orchestrated by handsome flirtatious owner, Sam Hanratty. His roguish attention gets Iris’ heart doing flips, jump starting it into remembering she’s still a woman. Sam’s foreman, Eddie Morgan, is the most annoying hulk she’s ever met, and Iris’s heart sinks like lead when she learns that he alone could sabotage the sale of her property.

    Iris’ heart gets a workout this summer, with a string of unlikely events that force her to turn inward to examine what makes her tick, what is her heart’s true desire and who might hold the key.

    (Pages 300) Sensual


    The only time in my life that ever turned out like it does in the movies, of course, was now.

    Eddie put the key into the lock, gave it a good hard twist and it opened easy as pie. Sadly I didn’t have a pie on me, because the look he gave me deserved a pie to be tossed right smack in his face.

    As he handed the key back to me, he gave the keychain a look.

    “Thank you,” I said, reaching for the key, which he did not immediately relinquish.

    “You’re welcome,” he said, then read the inscription aloud, “The voice of the sea speaks to the soul.” Then he gracefully placed the keychain into my waiting palm. I did not comment.

    “A special meaning of some kind?” he asked.

    Oh, brother. I am not getting into a lengthy discussion with him. “It’s just a message from a friend.”

    “Oh, a message from the friend that gave you the key?”

    “Yes,” I said as he stepped away from the doorway.

    “Well,” Eddie said with a devilish smile as he stepped off the front porch. “Tell your friend to spray that lock with a little WD-40 so it doesn’t stick when you want to open it.”

    Oh, I intended to talk to my friend all right. I could not wait to tell Yvonne that her birthday cottage came with its very own gorilla.


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Summer Iris

Summer Iris

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