Dark Promises by Marie Kenward

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  • Sometimes being good is bad.

    Three-hundred-year-old vampire Alexi Dugas knows everything there is to know about evil. After all, for centuries he's walked a tightrope between his blood-thirst and his humanity.

    When he inadvertently rescues a young woman from his former clansmen, he must decide once and for all if he's more man than beast, for Sarah Hennessy carries a weapon that can forever alter the delicate balance of power in his dark world. Now, after living in the shadows and surviving in those shades of gray, Alexi must finally choose which side of the battle he's on. Unfortunately, doing the wrong thing will cost him Sarah's love.

    But, doing the right thing might just cost her life.

    (Pages 402) Spicy


    Alexi wrenched his mouth away. “Sarah.”

    “No. Just love me.” Her breath fanned his cheek.He shuddered in response. “Love me.”

    Their lips came together again as Alexi’s largehands slipped down her back. When his fingers duginto her buttocks, she gasped into his mouth. Thistime, it was his turn to moan.

    He kissed her cheek, her eyelid, her temple“Sarah,” he rasped.

    Recognizing the warning in his tone, her armstightened around his neck. “No words.”


    “No tomorrow. No next week. No past, no future.It’s just you and me. Here and now.”


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Dark Promises

Dark Promises

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