Chase The Wind by Clover Autrey

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  • The Eaglekins Series

    Eagle Assassins are poisoning the leadership of the Pagona Forces, yet Kinalan refuses to believe that there is no hope for his brother, the General. When the Eaglekin Matron insists that she knows of a cure in the far mountains, Kinalan grasps onto it even though he’ll have to rely on one of the Eaglekins he despises to be his guide.

    Though Santil has never been on a horse, sheer will and a desire to prove the Eaglekins innocence give her the resolve to go on. Together, Santil and Kinalan will have to ride like the wind to get the cure. If a cure even exists.

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    A light scrape slipped across the air.

    Attuned to every sound of the forest below the pinnacle, the slight noise froze Santil in her steps. She moved agilely to plant herself in front of the stranger, unarmed, just as he had stood to protect her.


    The familiar voice brought a sense of relief so sharp it left Santil weak and disoriented. Her heart tightened into a thick knot of pain. Until he stepped out around a tree and the relief was almost too great. He was filthy and sweaty and exhausted and too handsome to look at.

    Without knowing how she covered the distance, she had her arms wrapped around his waist and the side of her face pressed against his chest where the beat of his heart tripped with the thundering pulse of her own.

    His arms swept around her, pulling her close. They stood like that for a long moment. Safe. He was safe, his strong arms locked around her. She could feel the hard contours of the muscles in his chest and stomach and she too, felt safe. She’d never felt anything like it.

    “What is it?” His palms swept onto her arms and he pulled her back from him to look into her face. “What is it? What has you frightened?”

    Santil looked straight into his worried green eyes. “You will not be so reckless again.”

    Astonishment flitted over his features, followed by a slow satisfied smile. “You were frightened for me?”

    He did not need to look so pleased about it. She sighed, not caring. He could be as pleased as he liked. He had scared the rot out of her. “Yes,” she told him with simple honesty.


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Chase The Wind

Chase The Wind

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