PhDs, Pornography and Premeditated Murder by JL Wilson

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  • Professor Jane Renard's estranged husband was murdered in front of a thousand Z.Z. Top fans at the Minnesota State Fair—while Jane sat in the crowd. Marcus Sloan, a security guard, is her alibi and is soon her ally when she’s briefly suspected of murder.

    That's not her only problem. Jane has a ‘secret’ life as an erotic author and she’s up for a job promotion at college. If they find out about her novels, she's sunk. Plus, her best friend is being threatened by a vengeful ex, Jane’s getting disturbing fan mail to her alter ego, and a guy keeps calling and talking dirty on the phone.

    Jane’s biggest problem, though, is her inexperience with men. Marcus might be the man to help her add some interesting firsthand facts to her novels. Maybe she can also discover if happily ever after only happens in books.

    (Pages 268) Spicy


    I paused to order my thoughts and Sloan didn’t pressure me. He just waited.

    It was very soothing. I struggled to make him understand without making it look as though I was hoping for a reassuring compliment. “I’ve always known I’m not the type of woman—” I stopped and started again. “I don’t make men—” I stopped again. “I mean, I’m not terribly sexy. Toby was very sexy and sophisticated. When he paid attention to me, I was so flattered. And I was unsure about my future. I was starting a new job, but wasn’t sure if it was the right career path for me. Toby lied to me. He told me he’d be deported unless I helped him. He told me he was here on a graduate student visa and...” I looked at Sloan, expecting to see pity at my stupidity.

    Instead I saw compassion. It gave me the courage to continue. “Then, a few days after we got married I found he was sleeping around. Maggie—you met her? She saw him with another woman. I confronted Toby about it but he just laughed it off.” I ran a hand through my hair, tugging at my curls in agitation. “It mattered a lot to me. I trusted him.”

    “I can understand how that must have made you feel,” Sloan said quietly. “You trusted him and he threw it in your face.”

    I looked into his eyes but didn’t see a hint of condescension or laughter at my naiveté. This was a man who understood trust and the converse of that—violated trust.

    I believe it was at that moment that I decided to convince Marcus Sloan to introduce my virgin body to the joys of sex.


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PhDs, Pornography and Premeditated Murder

PhDs, Pornography and Premeditated Murder


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