Diary of the Heart by Gail Symmonds

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    Within the pages of a secret diary, modern-day bookworm Julia Brown discovers an intriguing tale of mystery and deceit. But, little does she realise just how much her existence is intertwined within the ancient journal...until she is thrust back in time to the Scottish Highlands 1681. Armed only with the passionate writings of a woman long gone, she will pursue the truth of her own past...and discover the man of her dreams.

    Time Travel, 17th Century Scottish Highlands
    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 368
    Word Count: 99190
    Print ISBN 978-1-61217-030


    Julia dashed down the spiral stone stairs.

    “Watch yer step. They are narrow and the lighting is poor.”

    “I’m sorry, Malcolm, but I’m in a hurry,” she answered, not sure if yet again she imagined the ghostly warning. Nevertheless, she slowed her pace until she stepped off the last tread, before hurrying off, heart in her throat.

    What if she didn’t get there in time? What if she never got the opportunity to tell him how she felt? She would regret it for the rest of her life. How many other men would she meet in her lifetime that could heat her blood, make her lose her senses like Alex did? Not many. Did it matter if she made a fool of herself, if he didn’t reciprocate her desires? No. Wouldn’t it be better than forever wondering if she let the man of her dreams slip away?

    Her legs ran faster.

    Hell, she didn’t want to die the world’s oldest virgin. Desperation drove her, panting as she ran, her lungs struggling to cope. It didn’t stop her as she raced down the final corridor leading to the hall stairs. Thirty yards from the top step, she ground to a halt as a large shadow pounded up the last steps heading straight toward her.


    Her legs almost gave way.

    Struggling for breath, she stared at him, unable to believe her eyes. He didn’t slow his stride. His intense, hungry stare stripped her naked, told her she had seconds to make her mind up.





Reviewer: Rachel
Source: Publisher
Rachel's review first posted at Romancing the Book's blog.

I snagged this book because of the interesting premise. I recently read a time travel regency and really enjoyed how the author dealt with modern times and the past. I’d never read a Gail Symmonds book before and I’m a huge fan of historical romance, so I dove right in!

Julia has been transported into the past–directly into the arms of handsome Laird Alexander Campbell. The book literally starts off with a bang and doesn’t quit. Immediately, he knows that he has the wrong girl, he was expecting her sister Aileen. What he got was an outspoken book worm who set his blood to boil! I loved Julia’s character. She was the perfect blend of a modern head strung female. It was interesting to see how the author allowed her to have the personality of a 20th century woman, but still allowed her to be wise. Julia was a historian after all, so she knew what was and was not appropriate for that time era. The character development was astounding and after a few chapters I found myself immersed in her love story with Alex.

Alexander Campbell is everything I’ve come to expect for a Highland Hero. He’s blunt, overbearing, and fiercely protective. I loved him right away and at times was frustrated with Julia for not giving into him more. For a historian, she wasn’t very well versed in how men of that era acted. They were known for being loud, boisterous, and yes very bossy.

The love story was drawn out perfectly. As a reader I really wanted that happy ending and I’m so relieved that the author took her precious time in showing both sides of the story. Why Alex was afraid of loving her and why Julia was afraid of rejection.

The story had so many twists and turns that I was caught off guard! I thought it was a simple time travel romance. I am happy to announce I was horribly wrong! Gail Symmonds had a few plot twists that I did not see coming! It made the story that much more delightful for me!

The only complaint I had for the story is that you never really see what happens with the secondary characters of Aileen and Logan. I thought perhaps the author was putting it off so that she could make this into a series, but it looks like it’s the only book. I mean we find out that they are together and that she is a lot for him to handle, but that’s it.

All in all it was a fantastic read that I would honestly pick up again! It did have cursing and around three graphic sex scenes, your typical romance novel stuff.

I look forward to reading more of Miss Symmonds in the future! Well done!

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    Diary of the Heart

    Diary of the Heart

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