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Howl by Mariposa Cruz

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  • (MSRP: 2.5000)

    As if Kate Owens doesn't have enough problems as a struggling single mom and paralegal, a brutal animal attack outside her office plunges her into turmoil. At work, she is attracted to her rescuer, Jack Walker, an attorney wary of commitment. Every morning after the attack she awakes drenched in blood beside the body of a mangled stray. Kate's days become a battle to maintain control while her nights are a disturbing blur of dreams. Will Kate's nightly madness harm her young daughter?

    Lone wolf attorney, Jack Walker understands the reason for his paralegal's exhaustion and haunted demeanor. Jack has pursued the beast since law school graduation and he knows the creature's relentless thirst for revenge. Can Jack save Kate from her attacker and her own savage nature?

    (Pages 58) Spicy


    “Pierce called me this morning. He’s here. He left cigarette butts near your window. I spent all day tracking him.”

    Kate hugged her knees trying to shake a sudden chill.

    “When I think about what he did to you…”

    “I’m all right. I want to be with you in any way, shape, or form.” Kate put her arms around him. His shoulders were rigid with tension. Kate turned his face toward hers and kissed him slowly, her free hand stroking his beard.

    “I never realized you could be such a tease,” Jack murmured into her ear.

    “I never knew you could be such a beast,” Kate replied and kissed him again.

    He returned her kiss, pulling her onto his lap. His hands slid up her shirt caressing her bare back while she snuggled closer and wrapped her legs around him.

    The first howl startled them.

    “Damn,” Jack muttered.

    Kate sighed. “We can’t be late for dinner?” she murmured.

    “No. I’m not going to rush this time. We’ll continue this later in bed. I’ll wait for you outside.” His fingers traced the curve of her bare thigh when he released her. He kissed her hard on the mouth then turned and left her to change alone. If he lingered much longer, they would miss dinner.

    Jack paced outside while he waited for Kate to join him. Changing in the chilled, night air cooled his ardor. He heard the others in the distance and his stomach growled. Searching the forest for Pierce all day, he hadn’t slowed to eat. What was taking her so long? It wasn’t as if she needed to freshen up her make up or curl her hair. Finally, after several long minutes, a small, silver wolf joined him. She nipped at him playfully as they raced to meet the others.

    The hunt seemed to take longer than usual while they chased their prey deep into the forest. No longer overwhelmed by sounds and scents of the forest, Kate appeared exhilarated by the hunt. Several hours later, slightly winded from their pursuit, they slipped into Jack’s room. He had changed and waited for her in bed when Kate crawled through the side door and burrowed under the covers. A faint cry came from beneath the blankets while her limbs shifted and reformed. Breathlessly, Kate emerged beside him, her blonde hair tousled. With an exasperated groan, she held up her arms, the silver wolf’s paws still splayed from her wrists.




Cruz pens a suspenseful paranormal tale filled with adventure, excitement, and romance with "Howl." When Kate is transformed into a wolf, her life starts to spiral out of control. Jack introduces her to the pack, but can he keep her safe?

Kate is a paralegal under a lot of pressure in her job and her personal life. To top it off, she begins having freaky dreams and finds dead cats in her kitchen. Enter Jack, an attorney at her office. When he reveals what happened to her, Kate believes him. Pierce, Jack's foe, has other ideas for Kate though. Can she accept herself and find happiness with Jack?

Cruz's style engages the reader right away with Kate's plight. The story moves at a good clip, keeping the reader turning the pages. Her descriptions are just enough to picture Kate's world. The novel shines with creativity and imagination while it retains a very "human" feel.

Both Kate and Jack are interesting characters. Jack's a good guy at heart, embodying a sense of "fairplay," despite what he is.

Kate runs through a gambit of emotions as she discovers a new side to herself. In that regard, readers can connect with the emotions Kate goes through – loss, blossoming love, fear, apprehension, and joy. The supporting cast is a hoot.

The story's love scenes are sensual, capturing the smoldering chemistry of Jack and Kate. "Howl" is a story you can't put down.

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