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Songbird by P.L.Parker

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  • She'd run, fleeing from a past too painful to bear, in search of a new beginning. What he offered wasn't what she wanted – or was it?




Review by Julianne Draper -
Ms. P.L. Parker did a fine job with this story, and had me interested to know whether or not Emily could forgive Brett, and run away with him!

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    Brett is every woman's dream man, tall, dark, handsome, sensitive, take-charge but gentle. As he pronounced his love for Miss Delilah, I found myself silently urging her on to fall into his arms and take him back as her husband. Once again, P. L. Parker did not disappoint me! She definitely knows what romance is or should be and her stories curl my toes. Her talents are truly amazing and I hope to read much much more of her stories and books!

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