The Rook and The Raven by R. H. Burkett

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  • Ancient law forbids the Rook from interfering with human destiny, but Roark defies all to rescue Raven from certain death. Now her soul is forever tied to his. In his heart, he knows that she will never understand the bond they share or the constant longing to be together, yet he is helpless to sever their tie.

    Raven discovers unbridled passion in the strength of Roark's embrace, even as she struggles to accept that she'll never live in his world or he in hers. Only when she uncovers Roark's God-given purpose as a Sentinel does she realize the torment she causes him with her possessiveness.

    Love is a power unto itself, but is the love Roark has for Raven strong enough to transcend dimensions? Or will their love be forever lost between the shadows of time and space?

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 71
    Word Count: 16981


    A figure stood tall and wickedly dark by the moonstruck water.

    Moonlight broke from the clouds and bathed his chiseled profile in sensuous light.

    My breath caught.

    To say he was handsome would be an injustice. To compare him to a Greek God, an insult. Gorgeous? Magnificent?

    There were no words in the English language that could describe the essence that was the Rook.

    Without thought or hesitation, I walked into outstretched arms and shuddered in his embrace. I knew those arms. They’d held me long ago in their strength and gentleness. Wrapped inside a cocoon of black feathered wings, I leaned against his broad chest and listened to a heart that beat strong and steady. Truly, I could walk through the shadow of death and fear no evil with him by my side.

    “I wished for you tonight.”

    God that voice! Deep and rich like a bow crossing the strings of a cello.

    My knees trembled when his long fingers slid sensuously over my bare arm and lifted my chin to gaze into eyes that gleamed like silver-white mercury. A muscle twitched in his square jaw and a slow smile, half mischievous, half dangerous made my stomach fall to my feet.

    He took my mouth with savage intensity.

    It wasn’t a kiss.

    It was rapture.


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The Rook and The Raven

The Rook and The Raven

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