Trouble in Texas by Roni Adams

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  • Charli Boyd, "good time Charli" to her friends and even her enemies. She's wants nothing to do with committed relationships. She isn't interested in marriage or babies or settling down in one place for more than a night or two. A brief stay on her friend's ranch, the Double B, leads to a temporary job helping in the grouchy Dr. Clark's veterinarian office. Not her usual role, but the idea of playing nurse to the cute but grouchy doctor is too much fun to resist. Besides, Doc needs to lighten up and she's just the gal to show him how.

    Small town vet Dr. Grant Clark has no time for such nonsense. He has a business to run, horses to tend and hopefully at some point in the future he'll meet a nice woman who he can raise a family with. The wild redheaded Charli is nothing but trouble. The last person he needs in his life right now is someone like her. But when she sets her sights on seducing him, how long will he be able to resist her tempting offer of a walk on the wild side.

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    She suddenly realized he was playing chicken. That’s what he’s doing. He thought she’d stop him. Ha. He didn’t know her at all if he thought she’d be the first to back down. Discreetly, she slipped down in the chair until his hand encountered a lot more than her bare thigh. His fingers froze. His eyes popped open wide and his mouth went slack.

    Charli smiled.

    Before Grant could recover, she slapped her hand on top of her skirt and opened her eyes wide as if in shock that he’d taken such liberties. For the wedding crowd’s sake, she wagged her finger in his face as if chastising him. The crowd laughed, but then, they had no clue how high his hand really was.

    Grant’s face turned red. She tipped her chin and stared back at him triumphantly.

    Yet, instead of pulling his hand out quickly, Grant slid his hand higher, his fingers stroking her as intimately as they could. Charli gasped and jerked back hard, but Grant held her firmly in place as he let his fingers drift back down her leg and then out from under her skirt. He held her foot firmly in place on his thigh until he was good and ready to release her and only then did he rise to his feet and offer his hand down to her to help her up.


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Trouble in Texas

Trouble in Texas

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