Moving In by Alice Audrey

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    When Diane and Trigvey move into the same building on the same day, more than their suitcases get tangled up.

    All his life Trigvey never once doubted his calling to be a doctor, but an accident in the ER has him doubting himself. Diane's willingness to listen helps him get his head on straight. If only he felt worthy of a woman like her.

    Diane is the kind of woman who would love to be someone's wife. Not a trophy wife, or simply married, but the kind of wife whose job is to stay home and take care of the family, even if the family is only a husband. She feeds Trigvey and consoles him, and doesn't even know she has him wrapped around her finger. Jilted for a career-woman and raised by a bitter divorcée, Diane no longer believes in that dream. It's up to Trigvey to convince her it could still be real, if she chooses him.

    (80 pages) SweetExcerpt:

    “You lost that bet on purpose,” Diane said.

    “Maybe.” Trigvey tried to keep the triumphant grin off his face, but could still feel it in his cheeks. “Hey, I’m going to need a little help here.”


    “Could you hold my burger in front of my face? I don’t want to take my hands off the steering wheel.” He pulled out of the drive-thru lane into a grocery store parking lot.

    “You want me to feed you?”

    “I’m hungry!”

    “You’re like a little boy.” She unwrapped his burger in brisk motions, but instead of cramming it in his mouth, she carefully and gently held the burger up for him.

    He took a bite, and got sauce on his lip. When she touched a napkin to him, he almost veered into a parked car, and not just because she’d startled him. “I'd better pull over.”

    Diane picked at her burger, eyes intent on the pickle. “I was having fun.”

    He pulled into a space facing the road and stopped. “Do you have any idea what would have happened to us if I hadn’t?”

    She shrugged and continued staring down at her food, paying him no particular attention.

    Trigvey took the burger from her, put it on the dashboard, and pulled her into his arms. “Imagine where the car would have gone when I did this—”


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Moving In

Moving In

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