What Are Friends For? by Judy Rogers

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    When Thomas James Dooley, the quintessential knight errant, learns his best friend Cass Vojek is pregnant, he'll do whatever it takes to protect her reputation. Proposing a celibate marriage isn't a sacrifice but a necessary solution.

    Believing marriage will help Dooley obtain a coveted position at work, heartbroken Cass agrees. But once their vows are spoken, she begins to see the man her childhood playmate has become. For Dooley, living with Cass awakens unimagined desire. Celibacy becomes an exercise in torture. A forbidden night of passion changes everything, and the pair find themselves thrown into a whirlwind of conflicting emotions.

    On the brink of turning their pretend marriage into a true one, the unexpected arrival of the baby's father not only threatens their relationship but also the very foundation of their life-long friendship. Challenged by complications, Cass and Dooley must discover the ultimate answer to, what are friends for?

    (202 pages) Spicy


    Dooley couldn't be falling in love with her; he'd known her all his life. Although, he couldn't remember a time when he'd been so consumed by erotic fantasies. Even the raging hormones of his teen years hadn't tied him in as many knots. If love felt like this, it was hell. He had married Cass to give her protection and support until the baby came, not to complicate their lives.

    Suddenly, two hands began to massage the muscles just below his shoulder blades. Cass's breath whispered across his neck, "I'm sorry. I know this is important to you. I'll ask Robert to change the dates."

    He didn't dare turn around. He could smell the familiar scent of her lemon shampoo. Her fingers prodded all the right places. In order to massage the top of his shoulders, she had moved close enough for him to feel the tips of her breasts against his back. His brain short-circuited under the sensory overload. Don't turn around! Don't turn around! The blood surging behind his eardrums drowned out the voice of reason.

    With a groan, he turned to face her, his left arm slipping around her waist, pulling her against him. His right hand swept behind her head and pulled her face forward until his lips met hers. As kisses went, it wasn't particularly gentle. He told himself to back off, to stay in control, but his overwrought system didn't buy it. Hungry, needy, his lips moved over hers, nibbling at her bottom lip, tugging until her lips parted, and he deftly used his tongue, teasing her, willing her to respond.

    At first she stood very still. He could feel the tension in her hands as they lay passively against his chest. Her fingers flexed, and his body stiffened, ready for her to push him away.

    Instead, she sighed, and her arms slid up around his neck. "This isn't good," she whispered against his lips.




An unexpected romance that sucks you in. I really enjoyed this story and want to read it again!

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    What Are Friends For?

    What Are Friends For?

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