His Keeper by Brandy Jordan

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  • Tina Bond has found her dream job. But before she starts her new career, she has one last security assignment: protect a federal witness in an upcoming trial. She never imagined the 'witness' would be the very man who'd intrigued and repulsed her the first time they'd met. Nor did she imagine the kind of stakes she'd be facing - stakes that would bring her past full circle and shake the very fiber of her soul. Matt Lawson has one goal left - finish his latest book then set sail to where no one will demand more of him than he wants to give. The only thing standing in his way is a sexy bodyguard assigned to protect him from those who want him silenced - forever. Now he finds himself trying to protect her, while also attempting to shield his heart from a woman whose past could turn his world upside down.

    (304 pages) Spicy


    “Oh my goodness, look who just strode into the room,” Suzanne whispered, her voice filled with awe.

    Tina looked up. Knowing her friend’s fascination with all things royal, Tina expected to see one of the junior members of the Monarch’s family in the crowd of dinner attendees.

    “Who?” she asked, not seeing anyone familiar.

    “Heath Fleming.”

    “Who’s that?” she asked, returning her attention to her dress.

    “What do you mean, ‘who’s that’? Heath Fleming is one of the greatest writers of our time. He’s only written four best-selling mysteries.”

    “Oh, that Heath Fleming. Right. How daft of me,” she replied sarcastically.

    “Honestly, Tina, if I didn’t know you better, I’d think you spent your entire life on a deserted island. Surely you’ve heard about the Steven Jacobs novels? They made the first one of the series into a movie—Carte Blanc?”

    Tina stared at Suzanne for a moment, then searched the room, looking for an older gentleman. She had heard of—even seen—Carte Blanc. Though not really her normal preference for cinema viewing, she’d enjoyed the film. Her brother, Rob, had dragged her to the show on a blind double-date which had ended disastrously.

    “Which one is he?”

    “He’s the tall blonde wearing the Armani next to the short woman in red. Mr. Hunk of the century.”

    Hunk of the century? She pictured an author looking like Stephen King—or even Dan Brown. Average, medium height, nondescript hair and face. Sorta scholarly like. Not hunkish.

    She found the man in question. Hunk of the century just about summed him up.


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His Keeper

His Keeper

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