Trade Agreement by jj Keller

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  • Falling in love with the next door neighbor--impulsive.
    Kidnapped by her ex-husband--startling.
    Traded for contraband on the high seas--unbelievable.

    Photo-journalist, Georgina Barrister, realizes she has little time left in this world when her ex-husband hands her over as partial payment for a shipment of illegal imports. Apparently being the perfect wife, the perfect hostess, and the perfect lover hadn't been enough for him. What did he expect of her now, to be the perfect token? As a captive on a freighter, how will she escape?

    Special Agent Jake Callahan believes love at first sight is impossible, until he meets Georgina Barrister Kaplan. However, his assignment on a high-seas trafficking case must overrule his feelings when Georgina becomes the prime suspect.

    In search for the truth will they lose their one chance at happiness?

    (252 pages) Spicy


    "Why, Jake?" Her voice cracked. Her hands didn't know where to land and fluttered in front of her. She didn't care if she came across as weak.

    His rejection hurt.

    Tears clouded her vision.

    She backed away and held a hand to the lowest button of her blouse. Then she got angry. What gave him the right to dominate all her time? He discouraged her from dating other men by monopolizing all her time and discarded her himself? Not one single indication from him led her to believe he didn't care for her.

    He rubbed his chin and dragged his hand, the very hand a moment ago made her skin tingle, through his blond streaked hair. He didn't appear to want to answer.


    "You should go. I guess we want different things from this relationship." She grabbed his discarded T-shirt and threw it, his woodsy scent filtered through the air.

    "Gee, you don't understand..."

    "Then explain it to me." Her voice rose with a fury equal to the wind blowing outside. "I don't need a commitment from you. What do you want? It's evident what I want." Damn. Her voice continued to be raspy. She blinked back the tears. She would not cry. Be strong.

    Her chest hurt with closed-in sobs.

    No, her pain came from unrequited love. She loved Jake, and her self-esteem couldn't handle the rejection. The tears pooled on the edge of her eyes. She sniffed, pulling the water back into the abyss of her lonely heart.




Wonderful!! Enjoyed every chapter. Held my interest and read during a Hampton's weekend. Jj

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    Trade Agreement

    Trade Agreement

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