Play It Loud by Gina Lee Nelson

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  • Claire Ashton-Howard strikes out on her own to prove to herself, her Upper East Side family, and Downtown Magazine, she has what it takes to be a journalist. When she rescues Evan Price from the path of an oncoming subway train, she stumbles onto the story of a lifetime.

    A devastating motorcycle accident stripped Evan of icon status. Now ready to make a comeback, the former pop star must confront the demons in his past and convince Insignia Braff Music he's more than a has-been. Drawn to Claire's passion, Evan allows her into his guarded heart.

    Revealing his painful secrets will cement her reputation. Little does Claire know that immersing herself in Evan's life will cause her to question herself. As the days pass, Claire's heart and head take sides.

    The love of her life? Or the story of her life? She can't have both.

    (156 pages) Sweet


    Claire's instincts as a performer were right on--courageous fire and simmering sensuality. A desire stirred to take her in his arms. The strength of her ivory hands captivated him and her expression of ardent longing urged him to follow as if she played the piper.

    When the time came, he almost forgot to open his mouth and sing.

    As the last note faded, the room remained silent.

    Evan met Claire's stunned expression with one word. "Beautiful," he whispered.

    All at once, the musicians erupted in excited chatter.

    Evan turned his smile on the others. "Great job. Now get out." He pointed at Claire. "Not you. You and I need to talk."




Play it Loud is a refreshing romance everyone can relate to in our paparazzi crazed world. The author takes her audience into the entertainment industry and gives the reader a private view of the lives of musician Evan Price and the reporter driven to get his story, Claire Ashton-Howard. Ms. Nelson brings her story full circle, where one reporters account can make or break her career and Evans. Inspirational read. Kym Roberts

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    Play It Loud

    Play It Loud

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