When Mike Kissed Emma by Christine Marciniak

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  • Emma Landon has a plan: she's going to be in the high school musical and sing the most romantic song possible to her boyfriend. She's not looking for the lead, just a decent part where she and Trevor can dance together on stage. The plan starts to unravel when she gets the starring role, and playing opposite her is not her perfect boyfriend, but the school loner, Biker Mike. When Mike kisses Emma at the school dance, everything changes. Emma must figure out what is more important—the way things look or something deeper.

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    And I kissed him back.

    I was in his arms. His lips were on mine. The world around us disappeared. There was no one here but me. And Mike. I held him tight. Mike’s mouth was warm and soft on mine. My legs were like rubber. I held him tighter to keep from falling down.

    The DJ started playing Michael Jackson’s Thriller, and the spell was broken. I backed up from Mike. What had I done? I’d been kissing Mike! He smiled at me. I just stood there. What had I done?

    I turned from him and fled. I left the dance floor and headed straight to the bathroom. I splashed water on my face.

    What had that been? That kiss had reached down into my insides and pulled. Wow. I splashed more water on my face.

    But it was Mike.

    Biker Mike.

    What was I thinking? I was dating Trevor. What if Trevor had seen us? What if anyone had seen us? Someone must have seen us. We were there in the middle of the dance floor. Sucking face. Oh, my gosh. Someone had to have seen us. It was a small school. I knew everyone. Trevor knew everyone. Someone would tell Trevor. What would I tell Trevor when he asked me about it? He was sure to ask me about it.

    I turned my back to the mirror and leaned against the counter. What was I going to do? I couldn’t stay in here all night. Okay. Deep breath. It was simple really. I needed to go out there and pretend that it had never happened. I had not kissed Mike. I couldn’t have. So it simply must not have happened.


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When Mike Kissed Emma

When Mike Kissed Emma

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