The Man in the Mirror by Jo Barrett

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    Connor Stevens has lived for more than 200 years...from the other side of a mirror. He's watched Tori Fraser for months, and has grown more than passingly fond of the woman, but the curse the sea witch placed on him is powerful. But is it powerful enough to withstand Tori's love?

    (42 pages) Sensual


    Connor watched from the mirror as she leaned her head back against the front door with a sigh. Her nose appeared red to him, and the freckles that dotted her face seemed pale. Were those tears on her cheeks? What could have caused her to cry?

    She swiped the remnants of moisture from her face. “I have got to get a grip,” she muttered. “I don’t love him anymore. It shouldn’t matter that his new wife is having a baby. It doesn’t matter that they live in a big beautiful house just like the one I wanted. It doesn’t matter that he’s even—got—a—dog,” she cried and ran across the small foyer through the living area to disappear into her bedroom.

    He wished he could move to the mirror there, but knew from experience that it would cost him. Choosing mirrors was a sensitive task, one that had taken him nearly fifty years to perfect. If he were to attempt to peer through the glass he knew hung on her bedroom wall, a private mirror, his energy would become so depleted it would be years before he could appear again.

    He must be invited by her.

    And yet the sobs he heard coming from her room tore at his heart, one he’d been certain had died a long time ago.




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"A wonderful twist on the old sea faring tale, The Man in the Mirror, will remind you true love knows no bounds." ~ Brynna
Rated: You Gotta Read!

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    The Man in the Mirror

    The Man in the Mirror

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