Same as it Never Was by Gabriella Lucas

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    An artist with recurring dreams and the psychiatrist whose dreams mirror hers…is she a patient who needs his help? Or his soul mate from another time?

    Psychiatrist Max Molinari specializes in past life regression. For years, he’s waited for a dream lover—the woman he has loved in many past lives—to walk through his door. Could his new patient be the one?

    Artist Roz Lennon needs help unraveling her dreams of places she's never been and a man she's never met. When Roz draws the exact people and scenes from Max’s own regressive dreams, he has to fight to maintain his professional distance.

    Roz could be the woman he’s searched for all his life, but he cannot lead her to that conclusion. Will Roz recognize him as they explore her dreams? Or is their soul-deep love all in his head?

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 57
    Word Count: 13280


    I looked for the artist’s name. Finding none, I hurried over to Barb and said, “Excuse me. Barb, do you know who drew those pencil sketches near the coat room?”

    “No, Max, I don’t. Go see that guy,” she said, pointing. “The one near the toilet sculpture over by the door. He’s the owner of the gallery and an art dealer. I’m sure he’ll know. But Max—”

    Before she could finish I was halfway across the room.

    The owner, a guy named Gil Gregory who looked like he’d just emerged from a smoky, ’60s, Beatnik poetry-reading room, told me, “She’s local. I have her card in my office but it’s locked right now and—”

    “Can you find it?”

    He glanced around the room. “I’m kinda busy right now, Mr.—”

    “Doctor. Dr. Max Molinari. You don’t remember her name?”

    “She brought these in at the last minute. She’s not really a serious artist. She has a full-time job.”

    He said this with some disdain, as if having a regular paycheck was beneath an “artiste.”

    “I only put her work in the show as a favor to a mutual friend,” he added.

    I took out a business card and handed it to him. “Will you please give her this? Will you be seeing her soon? Can you call her tomorrow?”

    I was rambling. I sounded like an idiot. I didn’t care. All my life, I had anticipated that I would see a stranger across a crowded room, she would see me, and we would know. Music crescendos, mad dash to each other, Hollywood ending.




I just finished reading Same As It Never Was. This novella was recommended to me by a friend. The story line is not generally something that would grab me because I am not a big believer in more than one life. (I am not saying it can't be so; I just lean toward "no".) But I must say I found it to be captivating. I read the entire book in one sitting…no breaks…I just wanted to keep reading and reading. I think it flowed very nicely and I found myself rooting for the two of them to connect.



    Max and Roz have shared the same dreams since childhood. He's searched for years among patients who come to him for past life regressions; she's recorded her collected memories through pencil sketches. When he sees some of her sketches in an art exhibit, he's sure this is the one and invites her to his office, but a wealthy executive who dresses goth and chic, does not mesh with the woman in his dreams. She exhibits no recognition that he is the medical man that dominates her dreams. The romantic conclusion is unpredictable and satisfying. Highly recommended.



      From Kelly McCrady's blog (author of The Empire's Edge):
      How can a man who specializes in discerning delusion from reality rationalize his own experience? Roz is not the one Max expects, certainly--abrasive, abrupt, direct, guarded. And she thought he'd be taller...I enjoyed this brief tale of two people dancing around the truth, each afraid to share too much with the other for fear it wouldn't be true. In between, the author takes us back in time to three earlier eras where these two souls had crossed paths before. Wonderfully romantic in setting and in theme. Highly recommended

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        Same as it Never Was

        Same as it Never Was

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