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  • Love Letters Series

    Anne Wakefield travels halfway around the world for love. But when she arrives in Canada from England at the end of World War II, she discovers the handsome Canadian pilot she’d fallen in love with has married someone else. Heartbroken, she prepares to return to London, though she has nothing left there to return to. Her former fiancé’s mother makes a suggestion: marriage to her other son.

    Badly wounded and scarred during the war, Erik Gustafson thinks he’s a poor substitute for his brother. Although he loves Anne almost from the first time he sees her, he cannot believe she would ever be able to love him as he is – especially as he might be after another operation on his bad leg.

    Anne sees the beauty of his heart. The cold prairie winter may test her courage, but can she prove to Erik that her love for him is real?

    Rating: Sensual
    Page Count: 98
    Word Count: 25801
    978-1-61217-240-8 Digital


    “I made such a mess of things,” she whispered. “I’m sorry for all the fuss I caused everyone.”

    Erik took a step toward her. “It’s not your fault. I shouldn’t have let you go alone in the dark.”

    “You didn’t know I would stupidly walk out onto thin ice.” She shook her head. “I wanted to help. I wanted to be useful. I can’t stand feeling so bloody useless.”

    “You’re not useless. You’re an amazing woman. Anders is a fool for letting you go.”

    She stared at him, her eyes filling with tears. “Thank you.”

    He opened his arms and she stepped into them, wrapping her arms around his waist, clinging to him. He held her tightly, inhaling the sweet, clean scent of her, never wanting to let her go.

    “Don’t cry. Everything’s all right now.”

    “I know I’m being stupid. Tears don’t solve anything,” she said against his chest. “But I was so cold, and so scared. I thought I was going to die.”

    He tightened his hold and kissed her hair. “Don’t think about it any more. You’re safe now.”

    He heard her sigh, felt her relax against him. “Yes. I’m safe.”

    She lifted her head to look into his face, her dark eyes shiny with tears, her lips slightly parted, and Erik stared at her mouth, wanting desperately to kiss her, to capture her sweetness. He slowly lowered his mouth to hers. To his surprise, she didn’t run off or turn away in revulsion. He was so close her breath mingled with his, her breathing shallow and erratic. His heart slammed against his chest, his body thrumming with need. For the first time in over three years, he felt alive.




Jana's review was first posted at Romancing the Book.

A new WW II romance from Jana Richards is always a treat, and this one is no exception. Set in Jana’s home country of Canada, the story provides a nice look at life on a farm in the time period before and just after the war.

Anne Wakefield, almost literally left at the altar, is a gutsy heroine. The German blitz of London didn’t stop her, and neither will this new and shocking turn of events. But she’s brought a secret with her, and that may be more difficult to plow past.

Erik Gustafson, who should have been her brother-in-law, is solicitous of Anne’s welfare from the beginning, but it’s easy for the reader to know his concern will turn to love–and that he’ll deny his feelings, as much to protect his self-esteem as to make sure he doesn’t put Anne in an even more difficult position.

Needless to say, the course of true love doesn’t run smooth, but it’s the rocks that make the story more interesting. One just knows it will be happily-ever-after for everyone…one just isn’t sure how the end result will come about.

All in all, Home Fires is a fun, worthwhile read, whether or not one is drawn to the war era. A couple of shall we say ‘hot’ love scenes came as a surprise as the action moved gently along, but the reviewer survived with a minimum of blushes.

Home Fires comes highly recommended. Read it. You’ll like it.

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    Home Fires

    Home Fires

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