Lilacs, Litigation, and Lethal Love Affairs by JL Wilson

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  • Deadly Landscaping Series

    Cassie Whittington thought she was starting a new life in the landscaping business after being laid off from her high-tech job. She didn't count on catching the eye of her new boss, Sam Barlow, the owner of the business where she works. When Cassie inherits an estate from an elderly relative, her life gets really complicated, especially when the inheritance is tied up in court because of unhappy family members who feel deprived of their rightful share. Add to all this the discovery that her ex-husband is still in love with her, a threat from Sam's ex-wife, and a murder in the greenhouse…if Cassie isn't careful, her new life might be ended before it can begin.

    (Pages 242) Spicy
    Word Count 63848
    Print ISBN: 1-60154-900-8


    He glanced at me. “Most women would say it’s just a plant.”

    I snorted. “And a rose is just a rose. We know better.” Our eyes met and for an instant I felt as though we were in perfect harmony with each other, looking deeply into our individual souls. Then Houdi tapped the pages in Sam’s hands and the moment vanished. “I really didn’t hear much more. I did hear something about stock options. You were demanding to be given options in his company, right?”

    Sam nodded. “It seems only fair. After all, it was my work that helped create some of the products his company is producing.” He frowned down at the inventory information he held. “We can use the money. I’d like to invest it back in the business.” Then he looked up at me guiltily, as though suddenly aware he shared personal information with a total stranger.

    “That makes sense to me,” I agreed, standing up carefully so I didn’t tread on Houdi or Sam, both watching me with similar alert, hopeful looks. “I can stop by the office tomorrow and talk about it if you like,” I volunteered, gesturing to the papers he held.

    Sam stared at me for a second or two longer then stood. “I’d appreciate it if you could. I think this will be useful and if we can implement it as soon as possible, I want to do it.”

    My mail icon pinged and I leaned over, clicking open the mailbox. You deserve not to be ignored by women. “It sounds like a fortune cookie,” I said with a laugh.

    He grinned, the little fans around his eyes deepening. “Well, as long as the right woman pays attention, I guess it doesn’t matter.” He stared down at me, his eyes suddenly dark and mysterious. “Right?”

    I may have been out of practice with men, but even I could see the invitation in his dark eyes.


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Lilacs, Litigation, and Lethal Love Affairs

Lilacs, Litigation, and Lethal Love Affairs

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