The Wishing Stone by Allison Smith

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  • After the deaths of everyone dear to her, Lara Miller has lost all hope of finding a love that lasts...until she meets the man who can literally love her forever.

    Lifetimes ago, Lord Lucien Saint was brought to the existence of eternal night by a vengeful, jealous female with fangs. For centuries, he has searched for the cure to his cursed reality and finds it in the one woman who can love only him.

    Together, Lucien and Lara must fight the demons of his past that threaten to tear them apart for all eternity.

    152 Pages, Hot
    Print ISBN: 1-60154-620-3


    Materializing at his California beach home, Lucien checked his surroundings for unexpected visitors. Relieved that Marissa hadn't followed him, Lucien settled down at his large desk and began to read through his growing pile of correspondence. Thoughts of Lara kept intruding until he was forced to set aside the paperwork.

    Concentrating on the guest bedroom in his home on Maui, Lucien found himself standing over Lara's sleeping form. The light of the full moon shone through a window, highlighting her serene features. Desire surged through Lucien's body until he thought it would bring him to his knees.

    Moving away from the bed, he stood at the window looking out over the ocean as he fought for control of his baser instincts. Having fed his unnatural hunger earlier, Lucien didn't fear for Lara's safety around him. That, he definitely had under control.

    A rustling of the bed covers had Lucien glancing back over his shoulder.

    Lara bolted upright with a startled gasp and clutched the bunched up sheet tightly to her chest. "Who are you? What are you doing in my room?"

    Admiring her spunk, Lucien strolled back to the bed and gave an abbreviated bow. "I am Lucien Saint. I had hoped we would meet under slightly better circumstances." With a sweep of his hand, he indicated her in bed and gave her a rather wry smile.

    Still clutching her sheet, she repeated. "What are you doing in my room?"


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The Wishing Stone

The Wishing Stone

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