The Bluebonnet Cafe by P. A. Borel

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    A small cowbell tinkles above the dining room door of the financially struggling Bluebonnet Café.
    The sound of a lone pair of cowboy boots rings out against the wooden floor.
    Confusion, anger, and attraction twist together within Avery Livingston, as she comes face to face with Will Steele.

    A year ago, without a word, this man left Wayback, leaving her love for him to wither away in a trail of dust. Now he's returned to seek her forgiveness, but doubt holds her back. Can he be trusted? Or will he ride away again, disappearing with the rodeo crowd at the end of the season? Can a cowboy auction at the Blue Bug Saloon save the café and rope this cowgirl's heart once more?

    75 Pages, Sensual


    The small cowbell tinkled in the dining room above the door of the Bluebonnet Café. A lone pair of cowboy boots thumped on the wooden floor.

    Avery Livingston slipped around her office desk and glanced at the wall mirror as she passed, taking a moment to tuck her blonde hair behind her ear. When would she ever find time to make a trip to the salon? Her tired green eyes stared back at her. As the owner of a financially struggling restaurant, days off were not an option for her at the moment.

    With a frustrated sigh, she popped a peppermint into her mouth and made her way out of her office into the cozy, country style dining room. The tantalizing aroma of fresh brewed coffee filled the air. "Howdy and welcome to..."

    Words died on her lips when her gaze locked with the warm blue eyes of Will Steele. Her heart thundered in her chest. The room dipped in front of her, then righted itself.

    "Hey, Av." The six-foot-four man removed his Stetson and shuffled the hat in his hands. Arm muscles bulged beneath the sleeves of a cream-colored shirt. Faded jeans hugged trim hips. "Been a long time."

    Her insides curled like a spinning lasso while she pretended to consult her watch. "Two years, ten days, and six hours." How long had he been gone? It had taken awhile, but she'd finally quit keeping track.

    "Haven't forgiven me yet for leaving?"

    "It was the way you left." She shot him a hostile glare and strode to the front. Jumbled nerves coiled. Plastic-coated menus slapped loudly against each other while she restacked them on the counter. "You left town without a word. You broke my heart."

    "You broke mine, too."


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The Bluebonnet Cafe

The Bluebonnet Cafe

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