Mayhem, Marriage, and Murderous Mystery Manuscripts by JL Wilson

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  • Bea Emerson has finally married the cowboy of her dreams, but her honeymoon with L.J. Remarchik is cut short when Bea finds the body of an aspiring writer on Halloween, killed by a trick-or-treater. She and L.J. are soon pulled into a deadly search for a killer who is hiding among authors, agents, and publishers at a writing conference in a remote resort in Minnesota's North Woods. Will their dreams of a life together be cut short before it can begin?

    232 Pages, Sensual
    Print ISBN: 1-60154-530-4


    I heard a woman's voice, sounding distant.

    Julie probably held the phone at her side because the sounds alternately were louder, then quiet, as though she was moving. Someone said, "...not worth it. You shouldn't..." Then the voice faded.

    I suddenly heard Julie. She didn't speak directly into the phone but her voice was louder and clearer. "We need to discuss this. Why are you so upset? He said you didn't mind. Rita--"

    A sharp noise buzzed through the phone, making me jerk it away from my ear. Then it was repeated. A popping echoed in my head. I thought I recognized that distinctive sound.

    I glanced at the map and made a left turn, but realized quickly that was wrong when I saw busy Interstate 35 in the distance. That highway didn't appear on Julie's map. "Julie! Julie, are you there?"

    The only sounds I heard from the phone were footsteps and moaning.

    "Julie? Julie, what's going on?" I turned around in someone's driveway and headed back the way I had come, losing precious moments as I hesitated at street corners, looking for Roselawn Street. I made a left onto 86th Avenue--a broad street overhung with tall trees giving it a tunnel-like feeling--and trolled slowly down the dark street, peering at house numbers.

    I pulled up to 4640, my phone still pressed to my ear. The open front door spilled light out onto the stoop, illuminating the woman sprawled on the porch. I raced up the front sidewalk but suspected I was too late when I saw the blood pooling around her head.

    Then I saw the wound on her chest, high above her neckline and under what had been her chin. The chin was gone, and so was most of her throat.


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Mayhem, Marriage, and Murderous Mystery Manuscripts

Mayhem, Marriage, and Murderous Mystery Manuscripts

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