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That Wyoming Wind by Jo Barrett

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    The weather had never been so strange, but Jodi Parker didn't give it much thought since she'd lost everything to her lying cheating boyfriend. That is until a dust devil picks her up and drops her in a different time and place. One with a few too many handsome cowboys.

    (93 pages) Spicy


    Chuckling, Jodi said, "All right. But I'm sure I'll regret this."

    With a soft squeal, Sally hugged her then spun and climbed into her carriage. They were off with a wave to everyone in minutes.

    "You too sure are thick as thieves," Dan said, coming up beside her.

    "She's very sweet."

    He grinned down at her. "Not as sweet as you, darlin'."

    She gave a halfhearted laugh and turned to go back inside. He didn't mean anything sexual by that, she told herself, but couldn't help thinking it.

    "You so don't know who you're talking to," she said. She wasn't an unkind person, by any means, but she'd lost her sweetness a long time ago.

    "Ah now, that all depends on your definition of sweet."

    That stopped her on the top step. She looked back over her shoulder at his devilish smile. So much for not insinuating something sexual. "You are playing with fire, Dan McCoy, and you're going to get burned if you don't watch it."

    She really meant she was the one dangling over the flames, but she suspected there'd be an awful lot of heat exchanged in the end if things kept going the way he was driving them.

    He eased up in front of her, one step below, their heads--their lips--even. "I'm from Texas, sweetheart. A little heat wave would feel like home to me," he drawled low and soft.

    Her gaze fell to his mouth, a day's worth of dark stubble outlined his full lips. Their kiss in the henhouse had been tantalizing to say the least. She couldn't help wondering what more of the same would be like--more of him.

    They'd be soft, wet, and warm. The texture of his tongue seeking hers would send tendrils of desire snaking down her spine. And when he suckled it, her knees would go weak, and she'd fall into his arms, begging him to make love to her.




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"That Wyoming Wind is a fantastic read. Jo Barrett has written a welcoming story that scoops you up and holds from the first paged to the last." ~ Linda L.
Rated: Five Angels!

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    That Wyoming Wind

    That Wyoming Wind

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