It's About Time by Andee S. Davis

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    A summer in England was meant to help Meg Sutherland grieve her father’s early passing. The last thing she expects is to be thrown back in time to an era where her everyday knowledge of health and medicine may save two lives threatened by old-fashioned ignorance. How can she convince handsome Mr. Ellingsworth that her meddling will save his children’s lives when her twenty-first century confidence only increases his resistance? Aided by three spinsters and a cat, Meg weighs her choices between

    a lonely, independent life of modern freedoms and the possibility for love.

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    Meg Sutherland crossed the street and stood at the ornate iron gates of a private Gloucestershire estate. As she had been told to expect, the entry stood wide open. She lowered one shoulder to let her bulky backpack drop to the lane, and leaned against the stone gateposts to rest her legs.

    Park-like landscaping covered the grounds within, but far too much of the main house was hidden from view by manicured greenery. The lane ran in a wide curve to the back, where she assumed a parking lot was hiding.

    She grabbed her backpack and jogged along the smooth cobbles until the structure of Cotswold stone stood directly before her. Just like the photograph on her brochure, it rose up three stories from a sloping hill and spread out with adjoining outbuildings. She took a deep breath of rain-scrubbed fresh air and watched as colorful finches swept past her and settled into the spreading leaves of a towering tree.

    It was simply beautiful. Not magnificent, like the White Cliffs of Dover, but charming in a way that seeped into her soul until she couldn't shake the loveliness of it. Ramshorn Hall nestled into the folds of the hill like a storybook painting. Huge willows reached and spread beyond the romantic old mansion. A stone's throw away, the bell tower of a small chapel punctuated the cloud-studded sky.


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It's About Time

It's About Time

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