The Baby Interview by Robbie Terman

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  • Cole Donovan is handsome, successful, and a millionaire. He's a man who gets what he wants, and what he wants is a child – without the inconvenience of a wife. One failed marriage was more than enough to teach Cole that women can't be trusted. On the day he interviews potential surrogate mothers, Cole finds the perfect woman for the job. Too bad she turns out to be his florist.

    Florist Lucy Chaple is more than flattered when Cole invites her to dinner. After her parents' death, her life has been little more than responsibilities – running their flower shop and raising her brother. She finds it hard to believe someone like Cole could be interested in her – and it turns out she's right. He's only interested in convincing Lucy to carry his child. But Lucy isn't about to give up her first born.

    Cole will do whatever it takes to change her mind, even wooing her. Everyone can be bought. He just needs to find Lucy's price – before he falls in love with her.

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    Cole fought the urge to sigh with relief. He didn't know what was going through her mind, but if he was going to convince her to carry his child, he had to put on his business face and close the deal.

    "Again, I'm sorry." He took her small, calloused hand between his large, smooth ones. "But I think we can work out a mutually beneficial agreement."


    He took the piece of paper with a figure he had worked out earlier from his pocket and slid it to Lucy. "I think this would be a fair amount for your service. Of course, I'll pay for all your medical needs, as well as a clothes and food allowance on top of this figure."

    Lucy didn't even touch the paper. Her eyes narrowed into snakelike slits. "So, when are we going to start on your little high-priced bun? Tonight? Your place or mine?"

    "Actually"--he cleared his throat--"We'd start with you being examined by a doctor, having some tests run. If everything comes out clean, we'll arrange a date for the insemination. Everything will take place in a doctor's office."

    She chuckled that awful hollow laugh again. "How neat for you."

    Reaching for the paper he'd set in front of her, she finally opened it. Her eyes bugged out of her head like a cartoon character when she saw the figure. Triumph raced through him.

    For a split second.

    Until she ripped the paper up and threw a handful of tiny bits in his face. "No thanks, Rumpelstiltskin. I think I'll keep my firstborn."




Since I finished Robbie Terman's last book "A Date For Love" I've been excitedly anticipating her next release, and boy was it worth it! This is another great read and I already can't wait for the next one!



    I've been waiting for this book!! Robbie Terman's 2007 Golden Heart finaling book, The Baby Interview, is a fantastic read with a fiesty heroine who teaches a wealthy alpha hero the true meaning of family.

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      The Baby Interview

      The Baby Interview

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