The Lupine Connection by Rae Monet

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    Former Marine Corps Sniper Brock Manyon’s dreams drive him toward his future mate, Sworn Lupine Enforcer Treva Reed. Treva must convince Brock to turn his life and Changeling training over to her or face grave consequences.

    Darker forces are at work; those who want to take Brock’s life, but for a different reason than the dictates of Lupine Law. As Enforcers loyal to the Lupine Pack leader hunt down Brock, he must fight to protect his woman and his future.

    105 Pages Spicy


    A mysterious force drew her toward him. She wanted to move into his arms, brush her hands over his cheek and tell him no harm was done, maybe gently kiss him on those full lips and reassure him he was safe with her. Perhaps slide her hands into his hair and clutch his head as he kissed her back, taking the touch of their lips deeper, until--

    Treva jerked back into the now. What the heck am I doing?

    "I'm still new with this and not real agile. Lot harder than a wheelchair." He lifted the cane off the floor, let it drop back down with a tap, then held out his hand. "Brock Manyon."

    She stared at his hand a second too long. If she felt this attracted to him--so unlike herself--what would happen if they touched?


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The Lupine Connection

The Lupine Connection

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