Those Baby Blues by Sheridon Smythe (team)

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  • Hadleigh Charmaine felt as though she had been cast in a made-for-TV movie. The infant she had taken home from the hospital was not her biological child, and the man who had been raising her real daughter was Treet Miller, a film star with sizzling baby blues. But when those famous peepers settled on her, the hardworking, single mother refused to be hoodwinked -- even if his once-over made her shiver with desire. Treet knew he'd found the role of a lifetime: father to two beautiful daughters and husband to one gorgeous wife. Now he just had to convince Hadleigh that he wasn't feeding her a line, that in each other's arms they had the best shot at happiness. He planned to woo her with old-fashioned charm and a lot of pillow talk, until she understood that their straight-from-the-headlines story could have a Hollywood ending.

    PRINT ISBN 1-60154-408-1
    (300 Pages) Rating (spicy)


    "Treet! Treet Miller!"

    Hastily, Treet removed his foot and shut the door, bolting it from the inside.

    Stunned, shaken, still reeling from the bizarre events of the last few moments, Hadleigh found herself alone in a very small space with a man who could arouse millions of otherwise sane, mature women to a frothing, crazy frenzy.

    America's number one heart throb.

    A superstar.

    A sexy, drop-dead gorgeous hunk with blazing blue eyes and a killer smile. A man who obviously possessed an irresistible charm, not to mention the fact that he filled out his jeans like nobody's business--front and back.

    Samantha's father.

    She put a hand to her throat, not surprised to find her pulse pounding in a crazy, erratic rhythm. It was a brutal reminder that she, too, was a woman. Did she really think she was immune where others were not? Even now, the crowd outside continued to chant Treet's name as if their lives would change dramatically if they could only touch him.

    When he turned from securing the door and leaned his back against it, Hadleigh blurted out the first silly thing that came to her mind, which just happened to be a corny cliché. "Do--do you come here often?"


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Those Baby Blues

Those Baby Blues

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