Karaoke Cowgirl by Stacy Dawn

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    How far would you go to attract the man of your dreams? Ally Standish re-invents herself every Saturday night to sing for her cowboy. But when they come face to face in the light of a normal day—and he discovers the real Ally—will he let her sing him more love songs or will the music die for good.

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    Hold it...just a little longer.

    Just...a little...longer...

    And Ally Stanford did, pouring her heart and soul into the final note of the country ballad. The moment held like a magical spell in the chocolate eyes of her cowboy gazing up from the bottom of the stage. His lips tilted in a soft, tender grin and the note faded away along with the breath from her lungs.

    The sporadic applause from the Lonesome Star Karaoke Bar’s patrons stuttered into her fantasy and she dragged her gaze away from her heart’s desire long enough to raise a tentative smile to the appreciative crowd—while ignoring the whistles and bawdy suggestions from the rowdy regulars corralled at the bar. Clanging beer bottles and friendly banter preceded the cued intro for the next brave singer as Ally set her microphone atop the karaoke machine and nodded her thanks to the DJ, Diesel.

    Heading to the stage stairs, she tugged at the uncomfortably short, white-denim skirt that matched the equally uncomfortable tight, corset-style, bejeweled bodice she wore. Not for the first time, she cursed her friend Lillian for coercing her into this totally unrealistic get-up. And where did she ever find these boots? The extra three inches on these particular flashy cowboy boots made each step a test in modesty and balance. She’d been danged lucky she hadn’t taken a spill on them yet.

    Oh crap! Spoke too soon, she silently screamed as one errant heel landed at an awkward angle on the bottom step. Plunging forward, she grimaced at her split second choices: fall and face-plant the floor or latch onto the beer-smelling, sweat-soaked, Garth-inspired dress shirt pasted to a massive back dancing by.


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Karaoke Cowgirl

Karaoke Cowgirl

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