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From A Distance by Jo Barrett

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    One business consultant, one cowboy, and two thousand miles between them. Can their love survive the distance?

    (34 pages) Sensual


    “It’s about time!” Tina said as Billie Jo walked up and gave her a hug. They’d tried to meet up for almost a year, but never had the chance until now.

    “Hey, the plane flies both ways,” she said, stepping back.

    “Yeah, but we both know how much I detest flying.”

    They walked out of the airport, laughing and talking like they’d only been apart for a few days instead of months. They’d met during a conference in Cheyenne several years earlier and had connected instantly. Since then, they’d remained friends, seeing each other at conferences and junkets across the country. Billie Jo was a business consultant, and traveled almost non-stop. She was currently moving, however, in the direction of becoming a full time instructor, showing others how to be top-notch consultants. But she had to tie up a lot of worldwide connections before she could make the move to leave Beckett and Tedford, the large consulting firm she worked for.

    When she told Tina about the months of travel ahead of her, her friend convinced her to stop in Wyoming on her way to L.A. And since they wouldn’t see each other for who knew how long again, she’d worked it into her schedule.

    Tina chuckled as she pulled out of the airport garage. “I hope you’re not going to hit me for this, but…”

    “Oh no. What did you do?”




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"This is a beautiful story that touched upon this reader’s heartstrings." ~ Linda L.
Rated: Five Angels!

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    From A Distance

    From A Distance

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