The Cowboy Comes Home by Roni Adams

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  • They say you can never go home again. Tyler Weston is hoping that's not true. Two years ago he thought he wanted freedom and to be as far away from Sweet Meadow, Texas as he could get. He left behind his family's ranch, his brothers and his childhood sweetheart, Beth Sampson. Now he's home for the holidays, but he's hoping to make it a permanent move. Will he be able to mend the hurts he's caused especially with Beth or has she grown up and gotten completely over him?

    Beth Sampson thought her world was ending when Tyler left her. He didn't even have the decency to face her and break up, he just left with no word. Its taken her this long to even begin to think about living again and now he's back for the holidays. Her only defense is to pretend indifference until he leaves again. The holidays can't go by fast enough for her. She needs him out of sight before she makes a complete fool of herself. What kind of woman loves a man who leaves like that?

    PRINT ISBN 1-60154-566-5
    (308 pages) Spicy


    Dancing with him was different than before, though. His body had changed, harder, more muscular. He was completely unfamiliar to her, and yet, she still tingled everywhere he touched. There was a time when she knew every inch of every bit of the skin on his bones. Now he was a stranger. How could this be? How could a relationship that had been so strong and solid since they were children turn into this?

    She focused on a spot on his dark shirt instead, pulling herself out of her disturbing thoughts. “You’re in Abilene, then? How’s that working out?”

    “Good,” he said shortly.

    His scent drifted to her nostrils. He still wore the cologne she’d always bought him. The smell wrapped around her like an old quilt on a cold night. A strange sensation flowed through her, as if she was a plant that hadn’t been watered in way too long and slowly came back to life with a good dousing. She struggled against the urge to drop her head to his chest and snuggle in.

    “You’ve cut your hair.” His large hand covered the middle of her back and slid up as if remembering where the thick blond mane used to hang.

    She didn’t miss the disapproval in his voice. He’d loved her long hair, loved winding his fingers in it when they made love. He used to drape it over her bare back and make her promise that she’d never cut it. Her body flushed with the memory. She lifted her chin. He’d once promised her forever, too. So much for promises.


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The Cowboy Comes Home

The Cowboy Comes Home

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