Vampire Kristmas by Donna Michaels

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    When vampire, Jeremy Kristmas, is awakened from his two century nap to trade places with his irresponsible twin—two weeks before Christmas, he discovers he has a fiancé who resembles his dead lover.

    Pretending to love a cheating vampire is not on Lynette Stevens’ holiday to-do list, however, coming to her promiscuous cousin’s rescue, again is. But when she arrives at Kristmas Mansion, Jeremy is different, more mature, handsome…crazy—insisting she’s his lost love.

    Unable to deny the attraction, Lynette gives into her desire. But what if her cousin is Jeremy’s lost love? If so, who will he choose? His past love or new love? Join them to find out who has a Vampire Kristmas.

    32 Pages, Sensual


    The Kristmas Mansion had hardly changed since his last awakening. At least, what he’d seen so far. Wood paneled walls, crimson runners on mahogany floors, large windows overlooking the tropical grounds of their south pacific island. Somehow, they comforted; unlike the voice in his head, questioning his decision to visit the barber. Why bother when he planned to eject his brother from stasis once their parents revealed this century’s dilemma?

    Glancing at the heavy framed portraits lining the wall, Jeremy momentarily forgot his injustice and gazed at Kristmas’s past. Some he recalled, others… His steps halted.

    “How?” He blinked and resisted the impulse to rub his eyes. “How is this possible?” Hardly daring to breath, he ran a finger down one of the smooth, shiny and eerily lifelike portraits of his family. “What kind of technology could produce such a marvel?” He leaned closer. “Incredible. Truly incredible.” Rubbing his beard, he made a mental note to ask his father.

    Snippets of excitement trickled down his spine. What other breakthroughs awaited his discovery? Still scratching his beard, he glanced out the window.

    Air burst into his lungs at a painful speed, while his legs grew increasingly numb. It can’t be. His fingers curled around the aged casing for support.


    Sitting on a stone bench in the garden, just as she had centuries before, the love of his life twirled a lotus blossom in her slim fingers. Wood creaked under his gripping fingers. More vivid than in his dreams, this haunting appeared so…real. Although dressed strangely in men’s trousers and button-down top, Cordelia’s curves were unmistakable. His groin tightened with remembered passion.

    “Why do you still haunt me?”

    As if hearing him, she stilled, then slowly turned toward the house. Breath clogged his throat and he gripped the window tighter. Eyes—bluer than the surrounding sky—widened, full lips parted, and her heart skipped a beat.

    Skipped a beat?

    It’s official. I’ve finally gone insane. She’s a ghost. Ghosts don’t have heartbeats…nor do they gasp.

    Jeremy ripped his gaze from the beautiful apparition and stomped down the hall with a tight chest. Any hope of existing this century without Cordelia haunting him, just proved futile.

    Jared, he mentally contacted his brother. Don’t get too comfortable. I don’t care how dangerous it is to wake you before your initiation into stasis is complete. After dinner, you and I will be switching places.


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Vampire Kristmas

Vampire Kristmas

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