Unique Transformation by Karla Dawson

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    Wealthy, brilliant Christine Mattison has everything going for her, except a close-knit, loving family. Bored with her socialite status, she breaks tradition by volunteering to help young cancer patients, knowing her controlling mother will never approve, unaware that aliens from another world are watching her every move. When the ruler of Planet Diama invades her life, intent on making her his queen, Christine is unable to resist his every effort to have her. But will her people accept this lizard king as she has? Or will they destroy the strange alien being she has fallen hopelessly, helplessly in love with, despite his magnificent, scaly appearance?

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    He pulled her against him, sampling her mouth with his own and shocking her when his serpent-like tongue suddenly slipped inside her mouth, exploring there. Tears dropped from Christine's eyes then, at the wonder of his kiss, and she clung to him, wanting him to do it all over again. Everything.

    When he finally released her, she was unwilling yet to let him go and snatched him to her in a possessive manner. At her expression of affection, the alien smiled in his own way then embraced her in similar fashion.

    * * * *

    Yes, he decided. He had chosen well. From this point on, this woman would be his. His woman.


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Unique Transformation

Unique Transformation

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