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Not Exactly Strangers by Roni Adams

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  • As Sheriff of Sweet Meadow, Texas, Conrad was used to a lot of weird situations. But when the sexy stranger raced into the bar and pretended he was her fiancee, all his training hadn't prepared him for this scenario. When she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him, he had no choice but to go along with her. He couldn't leave a lady in distress now could he?

    Rose Petal
    (13 pages) Sensual




Yeah, if I needed someone to pretend to be my boyfriend, I'd pick out the best looking guy in the bar too. Loved the banter, the freshness--this is just an all around enjoyable read.



    This is a great story that captured my attention from the first line. I love the character descriptions, and their instant attaction to each other. I enjoyed it so much, I caught myself smiling through the entire story!

    Wendy Davy

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      Not Exactly Strangers

      Not Exactly Strangers

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