Here Comes The Bribe by Sherry A. Davis

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  • A single administrative assistant accepts her temporary boss’s offer to masquerade as his fiancée to keep his matchmaking grandmother out of his personal life and out of the way while he negotiates a high-profile merger for his family-owned company. In exchange, she’ll get the down payment for the loan she needs to keep her ex from selling her condo out from under her.

    But neither of them counted on the lines blurring between real and pretend--or for the temporary arrangement to leave them both longing for something more permanent.

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    (204 pages) Spicy


    Andi crossed her arms to avoid the temptation to touch the dime-sized princess cut diamond in an ornate antique platinum setting.

    "What do you say, Ms. Goforth?"

    "You want me to be your temporary fiancée?"

    "Yes, ma'am." His soft pleasing drawl accompanied a smile.

    Andi swallowed hard and pressed a hand to the involuntary reaction that fluttered low in her belly every time he used the simple affirmative phrase.

    "For how long?"

    "Technically, it would only be for the afternoon."

    There was another long pause. For the first time she noticed the dark shadows under his eyes and the strain around his mouth.

    "I know what this sounds like. Believe me, I've been thinking about it all morning." He rubbed at his tired features. "When I was named CEO, there was a clause which stated I'd become engaged within twenty-four months of taking office." He shrugged. "I didn't think my grandmother would hold me to it. But my time is up and she's decided to exercise her option."

    "Exercise her option?"

    "To have me removed as CEO," he said dully. "If I don't comply with the clause."

    "Did you explain to her this was the twenty-first century? She can't just expect you to get engaged to the first woman who wanders through your door. It's archaic."

    "She's made her priorities clear." He let out a pent up sigh. "I need a fiancée, Ms. Goforth. Quite simply, my lack of a significant other at this moment jeopardizes everything. The future of the entire company depends upon this merger. Everything my grandfather and father worked for is on the line."

    "Why would she jeopardize the company for an engagement?"

    "My family history is complicated. It's not that I don't want those things someday." He paused. "When the time is right."

    "Isn't there someone else you could call? An old girlfriend or something?" She forced air around the tight ball of tension in her chest.

    "I already thought of that. This has to be a business favor. Make it personal and there's too much potential for things to go wrong." He raked a hand through his hair. "Besides, I don't trust any of my ex girlfriends the way I trust you."

    Andi tried not to let the compliment go to her head. "Why don't you ask your grandmother for more time?"

    "I did that three months ago. Her answer was no."

    "Mr. Greene--"

    "It's a lot to ask, I realize. But you'll be compensated. I'll have HR double your salary for the week. Is that fair?"

    "I don't know." It seemed a lot of compensation for a couple of hours of pretend. Still, there was something about the situation that didn't feel right.

    The phone on his desk buzzed loud in the hushed office. Cole leaned over and picked up the handset. He spoke briefly then hung up.

    "She's in the elevator," he stated flatly. "I need your answer now."

    "Let me get this straight; you want me to lie to your grandmother?" Okay, she was no catholic school girl. She knew people lied for all kinds of reasons. She just didn't happen to be one of them.

    "A temporary lie, Ms. Goforth, guaranteed to do more good than harm."

    Andi chewed the inside of her cheek. It wasn't as if she were lying to her own grandmother, she rationalized. Cole Greene had asked her to lie--and offered to compensate her. Besides, he trusted her to help him.

    It was a job, nothing more. And the money would bring her bank account balance closer to the down payment she needed for her condo.

    She wanted to ask more questions. But the way Cole touched his Rolex and glanced at the door with hooded eyes told her there wasn't time. She wiped her damp palms against the smooth texture of her pants. Was Cam right? Had she lost more than her nerve since her break up with Sam? She cleared her throat.

    "Okay, I'll do it."




A story of misunderstanding and misconceptions, Here Comes the Bribe is fantastically fun with the old time charm of a Cary Grant movie. Andi and Cole make a great couple that you just hope will get it together and really fall for each other while they pretend to be engaged. This is the kind of book to curl up with in front of a snapping fireplace.



    ***From Night Owl Romance Book Reviews***

    Title: Here Comes the Bribe
    Author: Sherry A. Davis
    Genre: Contemporary Hearts:
    Reviewer: Diana Coyle
    Date: 7/10/2008

    Twenty –seven year old and very single Andi Goforth was the administrative assistant for Cole Greene, CEO of Greene Pharmaceuticals. She liked her job and desperately tried to do well with it since it was her only shot at proving herself to the temp agency that hired her. It was this job or no job at all. Poor Andi thought she had enough problems to work...

    Read the whole review.



      HERE COMES THE BRIBE is a seriously funny romp between too-busy, too-gorgeous-for-his-own-good CEO, Cole Greene and his latest female assistant, Andi Goforth. When work-alcoholic Cole is cornered by an arcane ‘gotta get married to stay in control of the family company’ stipulation by his bossy grandmother, he executes a quick two-step and spins Andi into the dance of her life by introducing her as his fiancée. Needing to stay employed and tempted by the promised bonus and her sinfully handsome boss, Andi agrees to the façade. When her own dysfunctional family waltzes into the picture, Andi and Cole find both the tempo and their chemistry heating up. HERE COMES THE BRIBE is great entertainment at anytime of the day or night, and a perfect way to spend a little summer down time. But don't expect to stay cool with this great read, because Sherry A. Davis has delivered a heated romance that only the end of the book can quench.



        Sherry's book Here Comes the Bribe is great! I can always judge a romance on how well it's done by if it makes me laugh or cry or both, Here Comes the Bribe does both. We all think we can write a story but thank goodness for those who actually do the work to make it happen. Thanks Sherry! Tammy Stuard



          Fun and sexy! Here Comes the Bribe is a charming tale. Cole is a hero you desire and enjoy. Andi is spunky and sweet. Ms. Davis has crafted an enjoyable summer read. I can't wait for more from this author.

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            Here Comes The Bribe

            Here Comes The Bribe

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