To Tame A Cowgirl: Sara [The Double B] by Roni Adams

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  • There has never been a hint of romance between long time buddies, Sara Sampson and Buck Weston--at least not as far as Sara knows. Buck, on the other hand, has wrestled with his strong feelings for her for a while now. Only his fear of losing their precious friendship makes him keep his heart's desire locked deep inside the relaxed, carefree exterier.

    When Sara's father dies and stipulates in his will that she must marry Buck's older brother, Cord, or lose her life's goal--controlling interest of the Cattle Enterprise that is the Double B--Buck's left with two choice: risk his heart and best friend by telling Sarah how he feels or stand by and watch the love of his life marry his brother in order to secure what she has worked so hard to earn.

    Will Sara choose to marry for love of the land or will she wake up in time to realize the one man who's always had her back, also has her heart?

    PRINT ISBN 1-60154-331-X
    (244 pages) Spicy


    “I said, I dare you.”

    Sara scooted to the edge of the couch but he was smart enough to step back so she couldn't touch him. In one fluid movement she came off the couch and walked towards him.

    “Are you going to be the first one of us to back down from a challenge?”

    Without wobbling or swaying, she moved steadily towards him. Buck retreated until his back hit the wall next to his bedroom. The way Sara moved purposely after him, he'd swear she was stone cold sober—except for the stupid stuff coming out of her mouth.

    “This isn't like that. This is nothing like that.”

    “Yes it is. I want to do something with you and you're letting me down.”

    Buck wet his lips. His head spun. What the hell was she trying to pull? Did Charli put her up to this? She would never have thought to do this on her own. “What did you and Charli talk about tonight?”

    She shrugged. “This and that, nothing important.”

    Her hands fell to his waist, her fingers sliding along the top of his jeans. The open snap made them loose and he bit back a moan when her fingers flittered to his zipper and drew it downward. He pushed her hand away.

    She shook her hair back and stared into his eyes. “Look, Buck. We are going to do this, tonight . So, we can do it the easy way or the hard way.”

    Buck laughed. She was something else. “What are you talking about? You can't make me?

    Sara nodded. “Oh, but I can.”


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To Tame A Cowgirl: Sara [The Double B]

To Tame A Cowgirl: Sara [The Double B]

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