The Summons by Jo Barrett

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    Was he real or had she lost her mind? Lindsay Sumner, an overworked nurse, isn't quite sure what to make of the handsome Highlander who is bound and determined to love her…all of her, body and soul.

    (24 pages) Spicy


    The water felt so good. She needed this soak. Standing on her feet for twelve hours was too much.

    "Wish I'd thought of grabbing a glass of wine before I climbed in," Lindsay muttered, easing deeper into the steaming water. She really needed to cut back her schedule at the hospital. Maybe she could get Beverly to swap her for Sunday. Then she'd have a long weekend.

    She snorted softly at the thought. When had two days become a long weekend?

    "It doesn't matter. A break is a break," she said, soaping her body with a lavender scented gel. Tomorrow she'd talk to Beverly and then see about getting her schedule changed. She didn't need to work extra hours, she didn't need the money.

    "But you don't have anything else to do," she said with a sigh as she hung the washcloth over the spout. "No close friends, no male friends, nobody. But nursing is fulfilling. It's all I need," she lied, as she lay back and closed her eyes.

    Although rewarding, the work was often grueling. She enjoyed helping people, but sometimes, times when she couldn't help people, it hurt. And lately there was an awful lot of hurt.

    Her thoughts rambled from one case to another until the painful images began to fade and she dozed.

    "The water has grown cold, lass."

    With a small screech, Lindsay sat bolt upright in the tub and covered everything she could with her hands. She would've snagged her washcloth, although it wouldn't have helped her much, but it had disappeared, as had everything else. She was no longer in her bathroom, but in what looked like a castle bedchamber




After falling asleep in the bath tub, Lindsay thinks she dreams of a Scottish lover by the name of Roan. What she doesn't know is that her dream lover is real.
Ms. Barrett weaves a fantastic story of love and time travel. If you've never read any other Barrett books this one will make you a fan and have you buying more of her titles.

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    The Summons

    The Summons

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