Six Thousand Days by Gabriella Lucas

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  • Love’s more comfortable the second time you fall...

    When successful attorney Eileen O'Neill meets widower Don Lombardi at her retirement party, she's reluctant to open her heart. Still scarred by a bad marriage and reeling from the tragic loss of her true love, she isn't ready for a relationship. At this stage of her life, she doesn't need another heartbreak.

    Don wants to show Eileen there is still plenty of time to enjoy life and make every day count. As a doctor, he knows that not much separates life and death and that every day is precious. He's ready to love again. Can he convince Eileen that love is more comfortable the second time you fall?

    Rating: Sweet
    Page Count: 45
    Word Count: 11821
    978-1-61217-137-1 Digital ISBN


    As he walked me to my car, I grabbed my keys and pressed the remote to unlock it. “Thank you for dinner, Don. Drive safe.”

    I started to get in, but he touched my shoulder. When I lowered my head, he tipped my chin up, put his hands on my shoulders and bent forward. He was going to kiss me, his intent was clear.

    I licked my lips and shook my head slowly. He touched my cheek. “I really enjoyed having dinner with you.”

    There was a lilt in his voice, a song at a deeper level, like a lark greeting dawn. Something told me he had just allowed himself to feel something for a woman for the first time since he’d lost his wife. It was as if he was ready to try again and though his skills might be rusty, they were not forgotten.

    Suddenly my breathing became uneven. All my senses prickled. The inside of my chest felt like something with razor-sharp teeth was nibbling at me. Like two animals at war—one wanting to want again, the other slamming against my heart to keep it still. My throat burned; a lump rose, making it impossible to speak.

    I felt tears brimming in my eyes and backed away.




Submitted to Amazon by B. Christian:
Gabriella, thank you for this wonderfully written love story. You seem to have peeked into my life and mirrored my little shaken world in your story. In fact, I was teetering on the edge of making the same decision for or against trying to love someone again after an older gentleman walked into my life very recently. You gave me the courage to take that step out into the world of the living again. Thank you so much! I can't wait for your next release!

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    Six Thousand Days

    Six Thousand Days

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