Her Own Sweet Time by Karen Cogan

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  • Liz O’Clancy returns to her ancestral home in Ireland to search for her missing grandmother and finds more than the family matriarch. Betrayed by her fiancé, she turns to her good friend, Donnegan O’Riley. When a portal whisks them four hundred years into the past, the two are trapped in the seventeenth century. After years of searching, Liz finds her knight in shining armor was with her all the time–Donnegan. But dare she risk their years of friendship for a chance at love?

    Donnegan would do anything to ensure Liz’s happiness including traveling through time and masquerading as her brother, but Donnegan wants to be much more than a friend. Time has become altered and is unraveling. Can they set the past in order and secure their own future before it's too late?

    (Pages 296) Sweet
    Word Count 82154
    Print ISBN: 1-60154-893-1


    “Elizabeth, are you awake? It’s time to prepare for supper.” Anna opened the door to peer into the chamber.

    Donnegan sat up as though shot from a cannon, while Liz rubbed her sleepy eyes and missed the warmth and comfort he’d given.

    Anna took a step inside, holding a lit candle nestled in a tin holder. “It’s very dark in here. Don’t you know how to light a candle?”

    She paused as she saw Donnegan staggering to his feet.

    “Liz didn’t want me to leave her alone,” he said.

    She shook her head. “I believe you, but it would be best for appearances if you didn’t make a habit of sleeping with your sister.”

    A flush crept up from his neck. “I didn’t think of how this would look.”

    Anna nodded. “No harm done, but try to be more circumspect.”

    By now, Liz was sitting up. “Is it morning?”

    “It’s suppertime,” Donnegan told her. “Do you remember you are in Lord Brian’s castle?”

    Liz shook her head. “I thought surely I had dreamed all of this. But since I didn’t, I suppose we have to go down to supper, though I wish we didn’t. I don’t have any idea about the manners of this time.”

    Anna laughed. “You needn’t worry about that, for there is little you could do wrong. Eating with your fingers is common, as is throwing your bones on the floor for the dogs.”


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Her Own Sweet Time

Her Own Sweet Time

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