Queen of Trees by Lynn Lowery

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    Mordavia lies in peaceful slumber as it has for centuries. Lana the Tree Warder uses her powers of nature in World Wood, guarding and protecting the trees and cares little for the outside world. Then the day comes when she meets prince Kail Mageking and everything changes. On a quest against the darkest of evils she soon discovers she is on a journey that could cost her more than her life. It could cost Lana her heart.

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    Lana held her breath as she looked at him. He was so beautiful. So poetic. He was meant for great things. Greater things than to be with an orphaned tomboy.

    She had to stop thinking about him that way. He was too good for her. He was the future king, for Ancients sake!

    Kail moved a little closer, this time almost touching her. He lowered his voice to a whisper. "Maybe you were meant to be there alone and to help me. Maybe, just maybe, you were put in my path on purpose. It was destined for us to meet."

    The heat inside her had risen to an unbearable temperature. Lana continued to star into the fire, not allowing herself to look up, for fear of losing control. "Why would that be?" Her voice trembled slightly, not from fear, but from trying to control herself from expressing her innermost feelings.

    Please kiss me, Kail!

    His hand brushed hers softly, causing her to go dizzy with anticipation. "Perhaps it was because you were capable of helping me. Maybe the Ancients wanted me to meet such a beautiful and wonderful woman, and this was the only way to do that."

    The inferno inside her rushed to all parts of her body as she turned to meet his eyes. He was staring at her, less than a hands distance from her face. That jaw, those eyes, those lips, so close to her that she felt his breath on her skin. She knew in that instant what he wanted, and more importantly, what she wanted.

    "Will you kiss me?" Her voice didn't tremble this time. She had to have his mouth on her at that moment. She could not go another second without tasting his sweet kiss.


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Queen of Trees

Queen of Trees

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