Borrowing the Bride by Roni Denholtz

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  • Brett Ryerson knows that Julie Merritt, his first love, is planning to marry a real creep. To convince Julie her fiancé, Warren, is the wrong man, Brett “borrows” her for several days. He plans to introduce her to a few key players from Warren’s past—and prove to her she’s making a huge mistake.

    Julie, on the other hand, has her own reasons for going along with Brett’s wild plan. Truthfully, she never completely forgot her first love, and the more time they spend together, the closer she is drawn to him.

    When danger threatens, Brett realizes he doesn’t want to let her go.

    Can this borrowed bride become a permanent wife?

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 256
    Word Count: 68500
    Print ISBN: 1-60154-933-4


    Julie wasn’t sure she could deal with the mounting wall of revelations. And she didn’t care for Brett’s commanding tone. He sounded just like he must while negotiating a contract.

    “My plans can’t wait,” she told him.

    “They must.” There was urgency in his voice. He leaned forward, his voice growing deeper. “I’ve taken a couple of days off, and I’m taking you back with me so you can meet these people and learn for yourself what’s going on. Learn about the true character of this guy you’re planning to marry.”

    For a moment, Julie stared at Brett. Her heart beat wildly.

    “You’re kidnapping me?”

    “No. I’m borrowing you.”




Review by JoAnne at Romancing the Book.

This was chick lit all the way with lots of romance, action, some laughter, anger and suspense throughout. Brett and Julie had dated many years ago and Brett decided to be her knight in shining armor and rescue her from a bad marriage before she actually got married to sleazy politician Warren. Unfortunately Brett didn’t realize that Julie and Warren were no longer engaged until after he and Julie were together for a few days when he “borrowed the bride”. During this time Brett tried to show Julie who Warren really was and what he was really like. The situations they became involved in were often times downright scary when little by little Warren’s bad guy persona was revealed. As they involved themselves in their adventures, Brett and Julie were slowly drawing closer together and their first love was being rekindled without either one realizing it. Brett actually had it pointed out to him by his dad, he was that clueless of his feelings. The book had
a happy ending that was embraced by all but it took a very long time and some anxious moments getting there. I have not read other books by Denholtz before but will definitely add some of her others to my list for future reading.

Favorite Quote: “But what worried her the most was that, in her innocence, she had put Brett in some kind of danger when she’d gone along with his crazy scheme. If Warren found out she was staying with Brett, that he was trying to reveal Warren’s true nature to her, would Warren get angry? He might jump to the conclusion that she’d been involved with Brett before she’d broken her engagement. Warren had accepted their break-up placidly, with only a small protest. But if he thought Brett was the cause…Warren’s macho self-image would be shattered. What if he tried to get revenge?”

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    Borrowing the Bride

    Borrowing the Bride

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