Love Floats by Stacy Dawn

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    Garden landscaper, Kelsey Ryan, is surprised to find her current client doesn’t have any land. Yet the challenge isn’t in creating a deck garden for his houseboat, but in keeping the hunky graphic artist from growing on her, especially when she thinks the garden is for his wedding day.

    (54 pages) Sweet
    (Previously released in Rose Petals Vol I Anthology)


    There are those days that just don't make sense from the moment you pry your eyes open in the morning. This is definitely one of them.

    Kelsey Ryan gaped at the boat. A rather large boat. A rather large houseboat. Not the blocky kind you rent for a week to cruise down one of the many lakes and rivers in Southern Ontario, but an honest-to-God house on a boat.

    Even though she'd never actually seen one before, she granted the concept wasn't an unusual phenomenon. No, the unusual part was the fact this was supposed to be her next design and landscaping job.

    Kind of hard with no land.


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Love Floats

Love Floats

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