Hearts In The Dark by Jo Barrett

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    Scarred from a terrible car accident, Tommi Wood hides her face from the world, while Marcus Ranger, the town giant, hides his enormous body and rough visage in a greenhouse full of orchids. When these two lonely souls find one another beneath a nighttime sky, will their newfound love survive in the bright light of day?

    (68 pages) Spicy
    (Previously released in Rose Petals Vol II Anthology)


    The song ended and she started to pull away, hating it was already over. He lifted her and placed her on the hood, but didn't back away. Tommi's heart raced, as his head neared hers. Was it fair to let him kiss her? She wanted him too, but she felt like she was cheating him out of something. He may have some idea of what she looked like after hearing the details of her accident, but he'd balk if he saw her with his own eyes.

    He paused, his lips scant inches from hers. "If you don't want me to kiss you, you'll have to say so."


    Marcus pulled back with a sigh and gently took the earpiece from her ear and the one from his then slipped them into his pocket. "It's okay, I understand. I've been turned down before." He looked to the street then back to her. "Thanks for the dance, Thomasina," he said, and started to leave.

    "Wait Marcus," she said touching his arm, stopping him in mid-turn. "It isn't that I don't want you to kiss me. I just--I just don't want you to do it because you feel sorry for me." There she'd said it aloud. Never able to see how he looked at her, what his expression might hold, she voiced her biggest fear. That he was just taking pity on her, and wasn't really interested.

    "I hate what happened to you," he said. "But I don't pity you."

    The sincerity in his voice was too strong to be false. "Oh ... well ... then ... if you don't mind, I would like that kiss. I mean, if you still want to. Although I've sort of spoiled the moment," she said with an awkward giggle.

    "Are you sure aren't just feeling sorry for me now?"

    "Of course not. I'm not even sure why you think I would."

    "I thought maybe I scared you a little--like I do most people, and you're just trying to be nice."

    Tommi clutched the front of his shirt, and tugged him forward. "You're the last man on this earth that I would ever be afraid of, Marcus Ranger."

    His hands settled around her waist. "Are you sure?"

    Sliding her hands around his neck, she whispered, "Very."

    He lowered his head and paused. For a brief moment Tommi thought he would change his mind, then his lips met hers. Soft and sweet, as gentle as the touch of a feather. Sensing his unease, she pulled him closer, increasing the pressure of her mouth against his. Their tongues entwined, dancing to a silent tune, while a heady euphoria enveloped her. Oh how she missed this, but then no kiss had ever been this good before.

    He groaned low and deep, and she ached to press her breasts against his chest and feel the seductive rumble race across her skin. A need so strong, so powerful, a whimper of longing escaped her throat.


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Hearts In The Dark

Hearts In The Dark

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