On The Run by Judith Rochelle

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  • When Robin Fleming witnesses the murder of her sister, Jamie, her only thought is to grab her nephew and run, from her vicious brother-in-law. Running and hiding, covering their tracks, they eventually settle in Memphis to begin a new life. Robin, now Laura, though still grieving for her sister, is determined to make a good life for her nephew. Then illness hits Andy, and while Laura is dealing with that crisis, bad luck and unfortunate circumstances bring all the players together again and endanger everyone’s lives. Can Dr. Gage Hollander, who has fallen in love with Laura, find a way to save them?

    All proceeds of this title will be donated to Victim’s Advocacy Office of SAFamilies, San Antonio Police Department.

    PRINT ISBN 1-60154-214-3
    (240 pages) Sensual


    Taking the highway into Oregon might have been easier on her, but she was sure that was the first route C.D. would check. Instead, she cut east immediately into Idaho. Besides evading C.D., she had a specific reason for coming this way. Tomorrow they'd get to Helena, where she had important business to take care of. Things that would help keep her and Bobby safe.

    Robin had only a vague idea of how long they'd been driving but it felt as if she'd been doing it forever. Her eyes were gritty from lack of sleep and her muscles rigid with tension. It didn't help that she was constantly watching for some car to run her off the road.

    She'd been lucky enough to find a couple of drive-through's where she fueled up with coffee. Caffeine raced through her system like a wild horse, revving her up and making her edgy.

    She slid a glance at Bobby, wrapped in a blanket and buckled into his car seat. What a lucky thing he was sleeping so heavily. Still, she knew they needed to find a bed pretty soon. And food. Starvation wouldn't be a pretty way to die.

    By the time they reached Kellogg, Idaho, she was more than ready to stop. She pulled gratefully into a motel whose sign blinked ‘Vacancy' in big red letters. It was the most welcoming site Robin had seen in a long time.




This is a terrific read. It has everything - suspense, romance, wonderful characters that you care instantly about, and is a page turner. I've read Judith's excerpts before when we did author chats and always thought about buying her books, but I'll admit this is the first one I have read. It will not be the last. She's a talented storyteller. I'm so glad I bought ON THE RUN this morning.

The other nice thing is reading about St. Jude's Hospital. I really like how she worked this part into the story line.

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    On The Run

    On The Run

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