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An Inheritance for the Birds by Linda Banche

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  • Love Letters Series

    Make the ducks happy and win an estate!

    Mr. Christopher "Kit" Winnington can't believe the letter from his late great-aunt's solicitor. In order to inherit her estate, he must win a contest against her companion, Miss Angela Stratton. Whoever makes his great-aunt's pet ducks happy wins.

    A contest: What a cork-brained idea. This Miss Stratton is probably a sly spinster who camouflaged her grasping nature from his good-natured relative. There is no way he will let the estate go to a usurper.

    Angela never expected her former employer to name her in her will. Most likely, this Mr. Winnington is a trumped-up jackanapes who expects her to give up without a fight. Well, she is made of sterner stuff.

    The ducks quack in avian bliss while Kit and Angela dance a duet of desire as they do their utmost to make the ducks--and themselves--happy.

    Rating: Sensual
    Page Count: 95
    Word Count: 26156


    Yawning, he shut the door behind him. Enough ducks and prickly ladies for one day. After dropping his satchel by the bed, he dragged off his clothes and draped them over the chair back. He dug a nightshirt from the valise and donned the garment before he blew out both candles.

    Bates had already drawn back the bedclothes. The counterpane was soft under Kit’s palm, and covered a featherbed. He grinned. By any chance, had they used the down from the pet ducks to stuff the mattress and pillows?

    After tying the bed curtains back, he settled into the soft cocoon and laced his fingers behind his head. Tomorrow, he would have it out with Miss Stratton about the steward’s residence, but that was tomorrow. He fluffed up his pillow and turned onto his side…


    A bundle of flapping, squawking feathers exploded from the depths of the covers and attacked him. Throwing his arms over his head for protection, Kit fell out of bed. He scrambled to his feet and bolted for the door, the thrashing, quacking explosion battering him. A serrated knife edge scraped over his upper arm. “Ow!” Batting at the avian attacker with one hand, he groped for the latch with the other.

    The door swung open. Miss Stratton, her candle flame flickering, dashed into the chamber. “Esmeralda, you stop that right now!”

    The feathered windstorm quacked once more and, in a graceful arc, fluttered to the floor.

    Kit lowered his arms and gave a mental groan. A duck. He should have known.




Laci's review can be found at

I enjoyed this blush romance immensely. It had the perfect amount of humor and romance. The ducks, of course, played a large part in the book, both as comic relief and as matchmakers. Each had a personality of their own, as is explained so well that it doesn’t even seem like the author is taking time out to point this out – it flows very well.

Kit quickly changes from being only in it for himself to falling for Angela, which I really liked. I appreciated the fact that he didn’t take longer in showing redeeming qualities. That’s important for me in liking the hero character in a book, especially in this book since it was a short blush.

For a short blush, it definitely gave off the feeling of being much longer. At no time did I feel as if I was missing anything nor did it feel like things were progressing too quickly for the development of the story.

An Inheritance For The Birds definitely had all the right qualities. It even had the evil villain role to offset the golden qualities of the hero.

Angela is a no-nonsense type of woman. She knows what has to be done and she’s going to do it. She’s not selfish and seems to genuinely care for both the estate that both she and Kit are vying for and the ducks, which seem to understand what’s going on. Kit learns to love the birds as well. He even finds them as humorous as I did, often using them as a way to break up any of Angela’s other possible suitors “moves”. All of these things really helped the story.

In the end, I got the happily ever after that I was hoping for with not only the two main characters, but two of the supporting characters as well. Add to that a mystery and the whacky ducks, and this is a book that I would read again and definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for a well-written book that’s short, sweet, and humorous.

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    An Inheritance for the Birds

    An Inheritance for the Birds