A Marshal of Her Own by Linda LaRoque

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    Despite rumors of “strange doings” at a cabin in Fredericksburg, investigative reporter Dessa Wade books the cottage from which lawyer Charity Dawson disappeared in 2008. Dessa is intent on solving the mystery. Instead, caught in the swirling mist that surrounds the cabin, she finds herself in 1890, in a shootout between the Faraday Gang and a US Marshal.

    Marshal Cole Jeffers doesn’t believe Miss Wade is a time traveler. He admits she’s innocent of being an outlaw but thinks she knows more about the gang than she’s telling. When she’s kidnapped by Zeke Faraday, Cole is determined to rescue her. He’s longed for a woman of his own, and Dessa Wade just might be the one—if she’ll commit to the past.

    Time Travel
    Rating: Sensual
    Page Count: 97
    Word Count: 25938


    Dessa stood still and watched as they conversed. Something stank to high heaven about this entire situation. Why were the cops chasing robbers on horseback? It’s not like Fredericksburg was that isolated. She glanced at the captured men. The boy moaned, and she made a step to go over and help him. The marshal spun, and the expression in his eyes froze her in place.

    “He needs first aid.”

    “He’s fine. Doc will tend to him when we get to the jail.”

    “You could at least call 911 and let them patch him up for you.” She nodded to the man lying so still with his eyes closed. “Your other prisoner doesn’t look so good. He’s going to die on you if you don’t start CPR or get him some help.”

    “Lady, no one is going to hear a yell from out here. Never heard of any 911 or CPR.” He propped on his hip the hand not holding the shotgun and threw her a disgusted look. “Are you blind? That man is dead, shot through the heart.”

    Her head swam for a moment, and she struggled not to give in to the sensation and faint. She drew in deep gulps of air. “Well...well...what about the coroner and the meat wagon, not to mention the CSI folks? If you don’t get them to record the scene, how are you going to cover your butt? The authorities might say you shot him in cold blood.”

    He looked at her like she’d sprouted an extra head. “I don’t know what the hell you are talking about, woman. No one will question my authority. I’m the law in this county. Now, be quiet, or I’m going to gag you.”




Review by Sarah L for Romancing the Book.

This is the first story I have read of Ms. LaRoque’s and it will not be the last. This was a very sweet, short romance which is the 2nd book in the series. As usual, I always wonder when I’m reading books out of order if I’m missing anything. Even though Charity is a supporting character in this story and I want to read her story, it did not detract in any way by not having read her story first.

One of the things I enjoy with a time-travel story is reading about how the characters adapt to their new and unique situation. This story does just that. The author does a very good job developing this portion of the story.

For a short story, it does have good character development. I do feel Cole changed his opinion from Dessa being involved with the Faraday gang to not being involved a bit too quickly. I realize when the story is this short things need to move along at a faster pace but Cole seemed to rapidly do a total about face.

The ending, oh! I’m not going to spoil it but let’s just say I got choked up. I am really looking forward to the release of book 3 in this series.



    I've been following the works by the author, so was happy that a sequel to 'A Law of Her Own' came out. The story of the former was quite interesting, and I couldn't wait to see how it would continue. Love this main character just as much. No wonder Dessa was so interested in the disappearance of the former character, Charity. They could've actually been best friends since they have similar attributes.

    The previous review goes into detail enough that I will only add just how much I enjoyed all the characters - even the villans! Loved the Marshall though and how his personality remained firm yet at least had the good sense to investigate such a looney idea of time travel. I can only imagine how crazy that sounded back then. Pretty much a stretch for the present time as well.

    If you haven't read the first installment, please grab it. Dessa and Charity are both likable women - very gutsy. It does make one pause to think just how well I might handle going back to a time period. On the one hand it might seem glamorous, but the reality is an eye-opening thought process.

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      A Marshal of Her Own

      A Marshal of Her Own

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