Love With A Proper Rancher by Judith Rochelle

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  • All Paige Cavanaugh wanted in life was a fairy tale romance with a happily ending. Too bad she kept getting frogs instead of princes. The latest was the worst, a greedy toad for whom the wedding was only part of a business deal. Distraught and humiliated, she runs from the wedding, and soon finds herself stranded and out of gas in the little West Texas town of White Tail. She’s sworn off men, but the first person she meets is sexy, mouth-watering, let-me-drag-you-into-my-bed rancher/attorney Ryan Cutter, a meeting closer to warfare than romance. When Paige decides to hang around for a while, hiding out from the mess she left behind. Ryan sets out to chase her away. When they least expect it, passion explodes between them and the rules of the game suddenly change. But how will this fragile relationship survive when the jilted fiancé, hungry to complete his business deal, shows up prepared to drag Paige back to the altar? Will Paige’s happy ending elude her once more?

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    (256 pages) Hot


    "This is too fast." But she couldn't move. His breath whispering across her face immobilized her.

    "No, Paige. That's where you're wrong. It's not fast enough. I'll go crazy if I have to wait any longer for a taste of you." Cupping her face with his hands, he bent his head and his lips closed on hers

    Paige couldn't have moved if her life had depended on it. Bells went off in her head--Alert! Alert!--but they might have been a million miles away. Her heart was thundering so loud now it drowned out every other sound. Her skin was tingling all over, every nerve alive and dancing.

    She was scared to death to get involved with him, her heart and her ego still too fragile. But the kiss rocked her, making her blood sizzle and washing away her fear. Ryan's tongue was like a flame dancing in her mouth. Nothing in her experience had come even close to this. The heat pooling in her abdomen and between her legs grew in intensity. She wanted to press hard enough against him to fuse their bodies together, anything to relieve the demanding ache.




This one surprrised me. Paige started out as though she was the kind of weak-kneed heroine who let life happen to her. As soon as she meets Ryan Cutter though, that turned around fast. he sparks between these two were incredible, and it swiflty turned into a romantic and sexy romp. I'm really looking forward to more books by this entertaining author.

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    Love With A Proper Rancher

    Love With A Proper Rancher

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