Secrets In The Shadows by Sheridon Smythe

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  • The lovely widow Lacy had taken in two young children – and the rambunctious little angels wasted no time getting her into trouble with Shadow City’s new sheriff . . .

    Adam came to town on a personal quest for justice – and nothing would distract him from it. Until chasing a mischievous young devil brought him face-to-face with a spirited woman’s shotgun . . .

    After their first meeting, Lacy and Adam vowed to steer clear of each other. But soon Adam discovered Lacy’s childhood memories were the key to solving a fifteen-year-old mystery…

    What neither of them knew was that an old danger lurked nearby, threatening their new attraction.

    PRINT ISBN 1-60154-140-6
    (268 pages) Spicy


    She knocked his hand away, then drew her arm back and slapped him hard. His head rocked backward; her hand stung, but he didn't raise a hand to hit her back. Not that she had ever hit David. No, his rages had always been unprovoked, out of the blue. Shaking, she waited for his reaction, never doubting there would be one. But she never would have guessed what that reaction would be.

    Adam smiled.

    Lacy caught her breath at the beauty of his smile.

    "It didn't work," Adam said softly, pulling her close. He nuzzled her nose with his own as if they were old lovers, as if he didn't have a red handprint burning his face. Lacy was too shocked to be outraged by the intimacy. She'd been so sure he would strike back.

    Their mouths met, parted, his in breathless anticipation; hers in disbelief that it was happening. Adam kissed her slowly, thoroughly. She was everything he thought she would be, right down to the soft little sounds of surprised pleasure gurgling in her throat. She tasted of honey, and sweet, creamy butter.

    Lacy felt her bones turn to water. She was weightless, floating in a sea of pleasure. He tasted of peppermint, and with a curious little sigh, she pressed fully against his hard length. For just a moment, she would enjoy this piece of heaven, pretend it was real.

    Adam pulled away slowly, reluctantly. Damn, he didn't want to, but this wasn't the place. There would never be a time or place for them, because in the end, he would leave and she would stay. He tipped her head back and stared down into her face, soft and dazed with passion.

    "Now you know what to expect when you make me mad, Miz Ross," he said huskily.


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Secrets In The Shadows

Secrets In The Shadows

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